13 Easy Tips to Give Your Instagram Feed a Makeover

Are you looking for a few quick and easy ways to transform your brand’s Instagram feed? There are tons of small tweaks you can make that will significantly improve the look and feel of your Instagram profile. Keep reading to learn our favorite tips and tricks to upgrade your Instagram feed with an aesthetic makeover.

1. Switch Up Your Bio

You have 150 characters to let everyone know right away what your brand is all about.  If you haven’t updated your bio in awhile, it’s always a good practice to review your Instagram bio and see if there are any important updates that need to be made. Be sure to include a link to your website and don’t be afraid to include emojis for a playful and easy-to-read Instagram bio.

Instagram Expert Elise Darma (@elisedarma) successfully captures the following in her Instagram bio:

  • What her business is all about
  • What value she offers
  • What services she’s currently offering
  • Where her audience could go to purchase those services

Check out our guide here for more insights on how to create a killer Instagram bio.

2. Create a Mood Board

Before you get started giving your brand’s Instagram a makeover, it’s a good idea to create a mood board for what you would like your Instagram feed to look like. Do you want your feed to look light and airy? Or bright and bold? We recommend checking out different Instagram feeds and saving some of their posts to help you get inspired as you create an Instagram mood board.

3. Set Color Rules

If you aren’t already sticking to a color palette on Instagram, this trick will quickly transform your Instagram feed. Instagram is such a visual platform and the “look” of your profile really matters. Help bring your branding to life by utilizing your brand’s colors and sticking to a consistent color palette for all of your posts. For example, if your branding uses a lot of greens and blues, you might want to avoid posting anything with reds or yellows to help you create a more cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed.

Our Instagram feed (@boosted_social) features our branded color scheme:

Boosted Instagram Feed Aesthetic

4. Use The Same Filters or Presets

While we are talking about consistent color palettes, a great tip to give your brand’s Instagram a beautiful makeover is to always use the same 1-3 filters on every single photo you post. You can simply pick a filter on Instagram or in any free photo editing app that compliments your color palette. You can even buy a set of Lightroom presets created by your favorite influencers. Learn more about what a preset is here.

5. Stick to Font Rules

If you are posting custom-made graphics it’s important to always use the same fonts. If you are creating graphics using the fonts included with pre-made templates, your feed will quickly look cluttered. Instead, use the same 2-3 fonts in every graphic and follow some rules about how you use the fonts. For example, some fonts might always be capitalized or only used for quotes. Click here for a beginner’s guide on typography.

6. Take ‘Live’ Photos

If you are using your iPhone to snap photos for your brand’s business, we recommend using the ‘Live’ setting. This way, even if you don’t get the perfect shot you wanted, you can easily edit the ‘key photo’ so you can always get the perfect moment. Pro Tip: You can even upload a live photo to your Instagram story and turn it into a boomerang by holding the photo!

7. Make Grid ‘Rules’

Once you’ve created some guidelines about the colors and photos you’ll be posting, you can start to plan out how your Instagram profile will look by creating grid layout rules. For example, maybe you will mix up your posts by posting a photo and a quote graphic every other post. Following grid rules like this is the easiest way to quickly transform your Instagram feed and help create a more consistent look and feel.

Instagram Coach @shallwesocial has a clearly defined grid rule of alternating graphic images with photography, creating a cohesive, branded look:

8. Test Out Your Grid

Once you have an idea of what ‘rules’ you want to follow when deciding on content to post, you can test out what your Instagram feed will look like before you actually post. Test out your grid by using planning apps to see how a post would look on your feed before you post it. Testing out your posts will help prevent you from posting two photos that are too similar in color or content back to back.

9. Research New Hashtags

Did you know it’s important to not use the same hashtags on every single post? It can seem like a lot of work to always research and test out new hashtags but this is a great way to ensure your Instagram posts will perform better and help you connect with new audiences. Check out our guide here for insights on how to build an effective Instagram hashtag strategy.

 10. Post Some Videos

Instagram isn’t just for beautiful photos! Videos can be more engaging and are a great way to break up the photos in your Instagram feed.  If you don’t want to use videos on your feed, you can post videos to your Instagram Stories. You can use an app like Boosted to create standout video content for both your feed and/or Stories.

 11. Organize Your Highlights

Once you’ve started posting on Instagram Stories, you will definitely want to save all of that great content for your followers to access. The Highlights feature allows you to select collections of Stories to display on your profile page and reuse content you’ve posted. Create and organize several highlights on your Instagram profile to save your best Instagram stories, answer FAQ’s, show new products and more.

12. Create New Highlight Icons

While we are talking about highlights… Did you know you can customize the look and feel of your highlights too? This is a great way to makeover your Instagram feed and bring your branding to life right away. You can easily create new icons using your brand fonts or colors to create consistent and ‘on-brand’ highlight cover images.

Get inspired by @girlboss‘ branded Story Highlights:

13. Find New Accounts to Follow

The best way to find inspiration when making over your brand’s Instagram feed is to find some beautiful accounts to follow to help you see what is working for other brands or influencers. Follow accounts that inspire you with their color palettes, content, photography style and more. Here are 10 social media marketing accounts to start following for inspiration.

We hope that these quick and easy suggestions will help you give your brand’s Instagram a stunning makeover. Don’t forget to have fun with it! There can be a lot of ‘rules’ when it comes to creating an aesthetic Instagram feed but Instagram is a social media platform and it should still be fun to post. If you are looking to give your brand’s Instagram a makeover, test out some of these strategies and see which ones work best for you. 

Instagram Makeover Tips

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