13 Instagram Reels Content Ideas for Small Business Owners

Whether you’re a service-based business owner or a product-based business owner, there are tons of great video content ideas you could be creating for Instagram Reels. In 2020, Instagram announced the release of Instagram Reels. Reels provides Instagram users and businesses with a new way to create fun and engaging short-form videos. Most small business owners already know the power of being on Instagram with over one billion monthly active users on the platform, it’s a smart move for business owners to focus marketing efforts on Instagram. 

If your business is already active on Instagram but hasn’t posted a Reel just yet, now is the time! Don’t let lack of content inspiration hold you back read on for 13 Instagram Reels content ideas you can create for your business, anytime.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Create Instagram Reels

Instagram recently shared that mobile-shot Stories ads have a 63% chance of outperforming studio-shot ads which means your small business can make a huge impact with videos created on your phone.

And most excitingly, Instagram JUST announced the release of new and improved insights for Instagram Reels to help your small business know exactly how your Reels content is performing. With the new Reels insights, business owners can see important new metrics like Accounts Reached, Plays, Likes, Comments, Saves and Shares. The new Instagram Reels Insights will show users specific metrics like what kinds of accounts they’re reaching with their Reels and which content formats are most engaging with their audience.

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13 Instagram Reels Ideas for Product & Service-Based Small Business Owners

1. Share your favorite tools As a business owner, you’ve likely tried and tested quite a few things to help you be most productive and keep your business operating smoothly. So why not share these learnings with your followers? Sharing some of your favorite tools that you use in your business is a great idea for an Instagram Reel and something you could create every few weeks to share new tools and tips that you’ve recently been using.

2. BTS photoshoot Photoshoots aren’t just for photo content! Whether you’re doing a big shoot with new products or a small DIY photoshoot for Instagram content, this is a great opportunity to create a Reel. Be sure to take a few quick videos during the photo shoot to create an Instagram Reel showing the Behind the Scenes of your business’ shoot.  

3. How to book For service-based businesses, an important Instagram Reel video you should create is telling potential customers how to book your services. Provide a simple step-by-step video explaining exactly where customers can book your services and what to expect after they’ve booked. This might just be the final thing that helps push interested customers to hit ‘buy!’

4. Your story As a business owner, you have a unique and powerful story that deserves to be shared and celebrated. No matter what your story is or how long you’ve been running your business, a great video for Instagram Reels is a short video sharing your story. This will not only will help your customers get to know you better, it can also provide motivation for your followers and fellow business owners.

5. Answer a FAQ Do your customers ask you a lot of questions? If you seem to be responding to a lot of comments or DM’s with similar questions, this is something you have to create an Instagram Reel about! Your customers frequently asked questions provide you with important insights into things they need to know about your business and their interests. Keep track of FAQ’s and create several Instagram Reels to answer all of your followers’ questions.

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6. Show off your fave products Do your customers know which of your products are your favorites? Create a fun Instagram Reel video to share some of your favorite products and styling tips with your customers! They will love learning which ones you like best and getting some styling ideas directly from the person behind the brand.

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7. Mistakes to avoid Who doesn’t want help avoiding mistakes? Whether you’re a product-based or a service-based business, you can share mistakes you’ve made along your entrepreneurial journey or common mistakes you see customers making. Just be sure to keep your Reel informative and helpful to avoid making anyone feel judged.

8. Share some of your recent work Obviously you should be showing off your recent work all the time as a business owner, but have you created an Instagram Reel yet to share some of your work? We love this content idea because it’s a great way to promote your products or services on a regular basis and is genuinely interesting to your customers. For the most engaging Reel, try picking your very favorites and share why you love them.

9. Perks of being your customer Do you like to surprise and delight your customers and clients? Let potential customers know about a few of the fun and special perks they can enjoy as your client. Not only does this show how much you care about your customers, but it also helps people who are interested in buying from you in the future picture how enjoyable it would be to work with you.


10. Pick a style A great Instagram Reel content idea to show off your products in the most engaging way is to round up several different products and ask your followers to pick their favorite! Instagram users love polls and quizzes and this is a fun way to take the voting element everyone loves and apply it to your Instagram Reels.

11. Share your struggles & successes Everyone knows it’s not easy being a business owner! If you’re looking to create more raw, authentic Instagram content, you could share some of your struggles and successes over the past year on Instagram Reels. Being open with your customers helps them be more empathetic, feel like they know you personally and creates a stronger bond over time. 


12. Your top tips Is there anything you wish you had known earlier in your entrepreneurial journey? These insights and learnings are valuable content to share with your customers. You can create an Instagram Reel video talking to the camera about something you’ve learned or put together a quick roundup sharing your favorite tips you’ve mastered along the way.

13. Announce a sale Last but not least, you can announce a sale with Instagram Reels! Customers obviously love sales and we love the idea of sharing the news of an upcoming sale through Instagram Reels to get your customers even more excited. You can share behind-the-scenes of prepping for the sale or details about the sale like how much the discounts are and when the sale ends.


There are so many ways for your customers to learn more about you and your business through Instagram Reels.  And we hope you take full advantage! If you’re looking for a tool to create Reels with, check out Boosted the video-marketing app for professional templates with stock photos, fonts, music and more that makes it quick and easy to create quality, on-brand Reels for your brand.

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