15 Thanksgiving Social Media Content Ideas for Small Businesses

There’s a lot to love about Thanksgiving! Besides all of the delicious food and time spent with friends and family, Thanksgiving also provides small business owners with tons of opportunities to post great content on social media. If you’re stuck trying to plan out your social media content for the Thanksgiving season, we’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up 15 Thanksgiving-themed content ideas for small businesses to post on social media. 

1. Say thanks to your customers

Write a short thank you note to your customers and share it on social media. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful so don’t forget to let your customers know how thankful you are for their support, especially during these past few months.

2. Create a ‘thankful” discount code

Another way to say thank you to your customers is by giving them a discount! Drive people from your social media platforms to your website by sharing a Thanksgiving-themed discount code valid before and/or on Thanksgiving.

3. Poll: Favorite Thanksgiving food

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful but of course, it’s also all about the food. Create an Instagram Story poll to ask your followers to vote on their favorite foods for Thanksgiving. Not only is this a fun quiz for your fans but it’s a great way to boost engagement rates.

4. Thankful quote

You’ll likely be busy enough on Thanksgiving day, so prepare a quick graphic or video with a nice quote about being thankful and schedule it to go live on Thanksgiving morning. This way you won’t forget to post on Thanksgiving and you’ll be providing sharable content that your customers might even repost! Check out The Oprah Magazine’s list of 50 Thanksgiving Quotes to Share With Your Family for some inspiration.

5. Create a video

Videos are a super engaging content format. Never created a video for social media before? It doesn’t need to be complicated! Try downloading Boosted, the video creation app with professional, ready-to-go templates.

Here’s a video that you can customize for your brand using Boosted:

6. Post a pun

Enjoy sharing funny social media content? You can post a Thanksgiving-themed pun or joke! Check out this Good Housekeeping article with 25 Corny But Hilarious Thanksgiving Jokes to Tell This Year.

7. Share a family recipe

Love cooking? Everyone is always looking for yummy, new Thanksgiving recipes to try out. Share one of your family’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes and you could even create a survey for your followers to share their favorite recipes with you!

8. Tips to get through the day

As amazing as it is to spend the day surrounded by family and delicious food, Thanksgiving can also be a little bit of a stressful day. Between cooking, cleaning and spending a little too much time with the in-laws… Thanksgiving can be a long day. Share a few tips with your customers on how to ‘survive’ the holiday.

9. Promote your upcoming holiday sales

While there’s a ton of fun content to post for Thanksgiving, don’t forget about using social media platforms to help your small business drive more sales during the holiday season! Leading up to the last week of November, be sure to promote any Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Small Business Saturday sales.

Check out this Boosted video template that you can use to promote your upcoming sales:

10. Host a Thanksgiving themed contest

Who doesn’t love a social media contest? Say thanks to your customers by hosting a Thanksgiving-themed social media giveaway contest. The prize doesn’t need to be big and contests are a great way to boost organic engagement on your social media platforms. Check out our guide here for full insights on how to run a successful Instagram giveaway.

11. Share what you are thankful for

Let your customers know what you are thankful for this year (besides them of course!). 2020 hasn’t been an easy year for small businesses, so it’s extra important to take note of things you are thankful for, like your health.

12. Raise money for a homeless shelter

Social media is not only a powerful tool for small businesses to make sales, it can also be an effective way to raise money for a good cause. Utilize your social media connections to raise money for a homeless shelter to help provide a Thanksgiving meal to those in need.

13. Share fall-themed product photos/videos

If you are a product-based business, a super easy form of content to create for Thanksgiving is fall-themed product photos or videos. Simply go outside, collect some fall leaves and snap a few photos of your product staged with all of the pretty fall decor.

14. Promote your small business with a video ad

Don’t forget about paid social media ad opportunities for Thanksgiving! We recommend creating a new, custom Thanksgiving-themed video to pay to promote on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Check out How to Create Your First Holiday Instagram Ad in 7 Simple Steps for insights on how to create your first ad.

15. Celebrate Small Business Saturday

Shortly after Thanksgiving comes Small Business Saturday and it’s the perfect holiday for small businesses to celebrate! Don’t forget to create a post to share on November 28, 2020 to celebrate the occasion. Kick your content up a level by sharing a discount code with your social media followers.

We hope these Thanksgiving-themed content ideas will help you fill your social media calendar with tons of great content that your customers will love to engage with.

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