5 Advertising Secrets and Tips for a Successful Ad

We all want our ads to be one that seizes the moment and goes viral with its timely, humorous quip.

However, you can’t run your entire marketing campaign on the hope that some social gaffe or festivity will give your brand the chance to shine.

Still, with the right strategies in place every ad can snag your viewers’ attention and keep them riveted.

Before you read our advertising secrets and tips, make sure to read about digital advertising and what you can do with it.

5 Great Tips for Creating a Successful Advertisement:

Here are five of the best practices to give your advertisements that wow factor.

Set your Sights on a Specific Segment.

Settling on a specific audience should really be your ad’s starting point.

An ad for the same haircare product will need to be drastically different depending on whether it’s targeting the hygiene preferences of an 18-year-old or an 80-year-old.

Once you decide which group you want the ad to address you can start delving deeper into that’s group’s social tendencies: where they hang out online and when, what other brands they’re following and what types of posts they’re sharing.

Think About the Visual.

Social branding company Buffer found that 65% of the people who watch the first three seconds of a Facebook video will stay with it for at least 10 seconds.

At the same time, 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute. (Read more video marketing stats here).

The takeaway? Your video ad needs to be visually arresting right away, to hold your viewers’ attention.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to make remarkable video ads.

You can simply use apps like VideoBoost which is a nifty iPhone app that enables you to quickly insert text, filters, templates, color schemes and more to your video ad to give it a unique feel.

Get Emotional About It.

For industries in which the word “emotional” isn’t the first word to come to mind, coming up with an emotionally-charged narrative can feel counter-intuitive or forced.

However, no matter what industry you’re in, you can always find a human angle for your video ads, and if you want your ad to succeed, you should.

Video ads that use diverse emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, and anger can make viewers care about your brand. You can additionally get viewers to become more deeply invested in your ad by giving them a story with emotional ups and downs.

By triggering certain feelings in your viewers with tasteful emotional content you can propel them to answer your call to action.

Look to Advertising Science.

You already know how important it to utilize the data you amass from your website, email, and social media channels to influence your sales and marketing tactics.

Still, there’s a larger body of advertising research you can draw on to discover advertising practices that work.

Using studies and surveys that determine what different populations and cultures enjoy in an ad can key you in to what products or plotlines you should be including in your ad’s story.

Make your Viewer the Hero.

You know the use cases for your products and services.

However, to sell these products and services, your ads can’t be a celebration of you.

Rather, they should demonstrate how your viewers can benefit from what you have to offer and the types of experiences that await them if they buy into your brand.

There’s no one formula for creating the perfect video ad. However, with a an easy online video maker and awesome video ad templates, the above suggestions can help you channel your creativity and passion into ads that build communities around your brand and drive sales.

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