5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Business This Valentine’s Day

Your small business doesn’t need to be directly related to traditional Valentine’s Day products and services to promote your brand during the holiday! Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday and a time when people are looking to shop for gifts and spread a little love to their friends and families.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to reconnect with your current customers and offer them a few ways to gift your products to their friends and family members. While you are promoting your business on Valentine’s Day, be sure to explain why your products would be a great Valentine’s Day gift to give and how much you love your customers. Here are 5 ideas to help you promote your small business for Valentine’s Day 2021.

1. Offer a digital gift card With many countries and cities back in lockdown this winter, people are looking for easy ways to send a little love to their friends and family virtually. If you don’t already offer a digital gift card for your business, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to launch and promote it! Offer your customers the option to gift their friends and family members with a digital gift card in varying amounts and be sure to market the digital gift card to your current customers through social media and email. 

2. Have a Valentine’s Day flash sale Flash sales aren’t just for Black Friday! A lot of people tend to buy Valentine’s Day gifts last minute, so a flash sale is the perfect promotion to help remind your customers to spread the love this Valentine’s Day. You could either have a flash sale a few days before Valentine’s Day to remind your customers to buy gifts for their loved ones OR you could have a flash sale on Valentine’s Day to encourage your customers to treat themselves in honor of the holiday.

Here’s some inspiration from British Columbia based small biz @twodrunkwitches:

3. Create a special discount code Another way to promote your business on Valentine’s Day and drive sales is by creating a themed discount code, like LOVE15 for 15% off. Once you’ve created a love-themed discount code you will want to be sure to share it with your customers in a way that will not only generate sales, but also grow your business in the future. For example, you could offer the discount code only to your email subscribers to encourage your social media followers to also join your email list. 

4. Host a social media giveaway Hosting a giveaway is a great way to say thank you to your customers and show just how much you love them this Valentine’s Day! You could host a Valentine’s Day themed giveaway to gift your customers a few of your products or a gift card to your website. Not only is this a great way to show your followers how much you appreciate them, but giveaways are also a great way to boost social media engagement and gain new followers. 

Check out @my_charcuterie‘s giveaway for inspiration:

5. Build a themed love bundle You might not have time to create a new product in time for Valentine’s Day, but you could still find a creative way to launch a new offering. Consider creating a love-themed gift bundle bundle a few of your products together with Valentine’s Day themed gift wrapping to create an easy way for your customers to send a love-themed gift to their friends and family this Valentine’s Day.  Pennsylvania based @stormfieldsoapcompany created a bundle offering for Valentine’s Day 2021:

Don’t miss out on a fun holiday that has the potential to be a great marketing opportunity for your business just because your products or services aren’t considered ‘traditional Valentine’s Day’ gifts. Valentine’s Day is a great chance to reconnect with your customers, show your appreciation for them and offer them exclusive deals and ideas so they can easily gift your products to their loved ones (or treat themselves!).

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