6 Ways to Create Video for Social Media in 2020 (and Never Need to Hire a Professional!)

Looking to incorporate more video into your social media strategy this year, but not sure know where to start? Here are 6 ways you can create stellar video content for social (including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Pinterest!), no matter what your experience level is:

1. Get Started on IGTV

IGTV is Instagram’s long-form video feature. Some fast facts about IGTV:

  • IGTV has its own standalone app, but is equally accessible within IG itself.
  • Orientation: According to IG, IGTV is “built for how you actually use your phone.” Video for IGTV was originally vertical-view only, but has recently expanded to include horizontal video as well. Most IGTV videos are still vertical, and this style still proves to work best for the platform.
  • Length: While feed videos are up to 60 seconds long, and videos in Stories are 15 seconds max, IGTV videos are up to 60 minutes long.
  • IGTV videos can be one-off or created as a series.
  • Instagram has very recently made the experience of uploading IGTV videos more seamless. Check out this how-to from Instagram’s @creators account:

While IGTV might seem like an intimidating platform to create content for – it’s within your reach, even if you’re just getting started with video. A few tips:

  • Not all content needs to be original – You can easily repurpose videos from your other social platforms; giving them a fresh new feel.
  • Experiment with video lengths – Not all IGTV videos need to be an hour long! Try creating content with varying video lengths to test what works best. Keep in mind that shorter videos are known to get increased engagement.
  • Easy to promote – If you have less than 10k followers, you can swipe up in your Stories directly to your IGTV video.
  • Some content ideas that work:
    • Behind the scenes
    • A tutorial or how-to video – this is a great opportunity to highlight your products or services. A great how-to from @icingartist:

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2. Create Videos for Instagram Stories

Try to incorporate video into your Instagram Stories as much as you can – 500M people create Stories daily, and we can assure you that the vast majority of these users aren’t video pros! Keep in mind:

  • Orientation: Always shoot or edit your videos in portrait/vertical orientation (9:16).
  • Length: Instagram Story videos can be up to 15 seconds long.
  • You can either share a series of 15 second videos or intersperse video between photos.
  • 60% of Instagram Stories are played with the sound on – it’s a good practice to add relevant text to your Story videos for the 40% who will be watching on mute. Think of this text as a headline – clue your viewers into what you’re speaking about so that they will be intrigued to listen. Inspiration from @socialbysinead:

Check out 4 Ways to Use Video in Instagram Stories for a list of creative Instagram Story video ideas. Some ideas include:

  • Use a video template – Create a video for Stories that looks professionally produced with Boosted. You can use your own footage or select stock footage, and then add text and other elements.
  • Talk to your audience – A straightforward video of you speaking directly to your audience may sound simple, but it can be very powerful. It gives your audience an opportunity to connect with you personally.

Also be sure to check out 50 Engaging Instagram Story Ideas for Your Brand – many of these Story ideas incorporate video.

3. Go Live on Instagram

A staggering 82% of audiences would rather watch a live session than view a social media post.* Instagram Live eliminates the need to edit your video content in advance – it’s just you and your phone, engaging with your audience in real-time! Some good practices for IG Live:

instagram live

  • Practice what you’re going to do and say ahead of time and have notes on hand when you go live.
  • Announce your live ahead of time to your Stories (bonus points if you share a video Story!) and be sure to include the countdown sticker.

Check out this blog for practical content ideas for Instagram Live, including:

  • Introduction – Introduce your followers to a colleague or partner who is working with you
  • Plug Your Product – Talk about something related to your product or give a demo of your product

4. Go Live in Your Facebook Group

If you run your own Facebook group, consider going live. Some perks:

  • More Visibility – The Facebook algorithm prioritizes live posts and will even notify some of your group members about the live – making your live a lot more visible than non-live posts.
  • Relationship Building – Going live in your group is an opportunity to build genuine connections with group members. Members who have interacted with you live are more likely to feel invested in you and be interested in staying engaged in the group, even long after your broadcast is over.
  • Exclusivity – A live session broadcasted uniquely for a FB group gives its members a feeling of exclusivity, as non-group members don’t have the same viewing opportunity.

Some ideas for going live in your Facebook group:

  • Host a Q&A session with group members
  • Host a special guest (bonus points if it’s a group member!)

Check out this blog for additional tips on how to increase your Facebook group engagement.

5. Try Out TikTok

TikTok is currently one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, with over 500M users as of the last quarter of 2019. TikTok has its own native video creator tool which is super simple to use. You can take a video of up to 60 seconds and add music, filters, effects, text, and stickers. You can also use third-party apps like Boosted for more options for additional filters, text, and effects.

Here’s a great tutorial for how to create and edit a video for TikTok by creator Katie Steckly:

Take advantage of TikTok now, while it’s rising as a social platform. On other social media outlets, there are tons of other businesses and influencers vying for users’ attention. TikTok is still relatively new and growing, so right now there is a unique opportunity to establish yourself in your niche.

Check out this blog for the full scoop on how to use TikTok to boost your business.

6. Share Video Pins on Pinterest

If you’re looking to grow your Pinterest presence, Video Pins are a great way to start. While it’s always been possible to pin videos from YouTube, Vimeo or other web sources on Pinterest – as of July 2019, business account users are now able to create Video Pins. Similar to TikTok, Video Pins are NEW. You now have the unique opportunity to create Video Pins as they’re gaining traction, instead of when they’re an already-popular type of content. Take advantage!

Some Video Pin tips and tricks:

  • Here is Pinterest’s step-by-step guide for creating a Video Pin (guide is available for desktop, Android and iOS).
  • Pinterest has also compiled their own Creative Best Practices for Video Pins.
  • There are great free tools out there for creating professional-looking Video Pins in minutes, no matter what your experience level is (think: Boosted)!

Check out Video Pins Will Be BIG on Pinterest in 2020: What You Need to Know for full details on the topic.

Pro Tip: No matter which type of video you’re creating, make sure that you are keeping the proper sizes & dimensions in mind – use our Ultimate Guide to Ideal Video Size for Every Social Platform as a resource.

Action Items:

1. Review this list and do some research. Watch video content on the relevant platform for inspiration – for example, if you’re interested in pursuing IGTV, download the app and start consuming and brainstorming content!
2. Create your video! Don’t get caught up in the notion of creating the ‘perfect’ video – put your best efforts in, have a friend watch your draft and give feedback – and then hit upload or ‘Go Live!’
3. Share the video across social. Remember to engage with your audience and to check your stats regularly to see how your video is performing.

*Statistic Credit: New York Magazine & Livestream.com


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