8 Tips for Productively Working from Home

Are you a small business owner who has been working from home for years now or is remote work a new setup for you? Coronavirus is currently sending millions of employees across the globe from their offices to their living rooms.

Working remotely presents many benefits. FlexJobs’ annual survey concluded that 65% of respondents are more productive in their home office than at a traditional workplace. Whether you’re a working from home veteran or you’re skeptical that you can excel professionally out of your element – here are 8 tips to help you work from home effectively: ⁣

1. Set up a home office

Ideally, this space should consist of: a desk and a window, in a room with a door. If this setup isn’t feasible, try and create a designated workspace in the main area of your home, avoiding your bedroom as much as possible (studies show that working from your bedroom can negatively impact sleep).

@DeskLifeBliss is a great IG account to follow for home workspace inspiration:

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⁣2. Get dressed!

While it may be tempting to stay in your PJs, putting on some professional clothes (or at the very least, comfortable lounging clothes) will help you feel put-together and will set a productive tone for your whole day. Plus, you’ll never be caught off guard when a teammate requests a Zoom call!⁣

3. Eat a real breakfast

Whether it’s simple or elaborate, be sure to make it a priority. The same rule goes for lunch as well! Here are some great, easy-to-create recipes to inspire your work from home meals.

4. Make a to-do list

Crossing off tasks as you accomplish them throughout the day is highly rewarding. If a physical notepad isn’t your thing, try creating and managing your lists via a productivity tool like Trello or Asana. Here is a comprehensive list of productivity tools that work well for small business owners. Even if remote work is a temporary setup for you at the moment, you might just find that these tools remain part of your daily routine when you return to the office.

Pro Tip: Be realistic with your goals – divide tasks into what needs to get done today vs. what can wait until tomorrow if you end up running low on time.

5. Take breaks periodically

Reward yourself with a 10 minute break for every hour of work, or find a balance that works best for you. For bonus points, take a break outside (make sure to stretch!).

6. Drink plenty of water

Hydration is key for staying focused! Plus – if you’re drinking coffee throughout the day (which we highly recommend, of course), it’s very important to rehydrate.

7. Strive to stop multitasking

To mitigate frustration, try your best to be fully present with the task that you’re currently tackling. If you’re working, focus on that. If you’re spending quality time with your family, put away your phone & try not to think about that deadline. ⁣

8. Be kind to yourself

Some days will be more productive than others, and that’s OK! Do your best to stick to your routine, and make sure to reward yourself at the end of a long day.

Here are some bonus tips from small business owner @lanasuhova, a seasoned WFH pro:

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TOP TIPS TO MAKE YOUR WORK FROM HOME TIME THE MOST PRODUCTIVE 👩🏼‍💻 . As of yesterday, most companies across the country have sent their teams to work from home in effort to contain the spread of the virus. Us freelancers who mainly work from home have this nailed, and it’s only fair we share our top tips with anyone who is new to working from home because trust me when I say this is going to be your most productive time. There’s no one interrupting your flow every 10 minutes, Sheila from accounting isn’t pushing baby pictures in your face, and you don’t have to practice selective hearing because two colleagues next to you are discussing their weekend activities which you really, really don’t want to hear about. Here are the ways I keep myself super productive when working from home: 1️⃣ Keep your routine: get up at normal time, get dressed, and prepare a coffee for when you start. You may cut our commute time and be tempted to have a small lay in but keeping the same routine will help your body and mind stay on track. Full disclosure – I have had days when I work in my PJ’s and they have been amazing, but 99% of the time I make the effort to get dressed even if it’s in loungewear and put makeup on. 2️⃣ Create an inviting workspace. Since I’m having my studio built over the next year, I’ve set up camp in my conservatory. It’s light, airy, I have amazing views of the fields, it’s filled with green plants. I light a candle, put on some music and get in the zone. I have doors which I can shut if I’m on an important Skype or phone call so my dogs don’t interrupt. Make your work space your own and explore what helps you stay productive and creative. 3️⃣ Take a break. Go for a walk at lunchtime, or if you’re isolating then watch an episode of your favourite show. Something which will allow your mind to rest during your break so you can come back to your work with fresh eyes. 4️⃣ Keep up communication. Be ready and available during your work hours. Don’t be a blockage in the process – that’s when frustrations happen. And have fun – from someone who works at home I promise you it is amazing once your get in the flow!! ✌🏼

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We hope that these tips assist you in working remotely, as productively as possible!


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