9 Holiday-Themed Social Media Ideas for Your Small Business

The holiday season is often a festive, yet very busy time of the year especially when you’re a small business owner. For many small business owners, the holiday season means an increase in sales, and many overtime hours worked leaving them without much time to think about social media marketing.

To help make it easier for small business owners, we’ve put together 9 social media content ideas to help your small business make the most of the holiday season. 

1. Create a gift guide

It’s not too late to create a gift guide! Many people are still trying to get in their last-minute gift shopping for Christmas. Even if you aren’t able to get the order shipped in time, many people are looking for gift ideas that can help support small businesses.

Here’s some gift guide inspiration from @foundationsdesign:

2. Host a giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to create buzz, boost engagement and gain new followers. Giveaways hosted on Instagram don’t need to offer a big prize or have complicated entry rules. Just be sure any giveaways hosted on Instagram align with their Community Guidelines. Check out our guide here for more insights on how to run a successful Instagram giveaway.

3. Partner with another small business

Another idea to create super engaging content and maybe even a fun way to launch a contest or giveaway is to partner with another small business. Find a small business with a similar customer base and create a gift bundle idea to promote on both of your Instagram accounts. This makes it easy for customers to support two small businesses at once!

Australian-based skincare brand @yumiskin.co is hosting a collaborative giveaway in time for the new year:

4. Digital advent calendar

With Christmas quickly coming up, a great idea for some last-minute holiday content is to create an advent-themed calendar to post on social media each day. You can give out discount codes, small prizes or announce new products each day. Your customers will look forward to seeing what ‘prize’ they get to open next.

5. Holiday themed video

A great idea to help some of your holiday content stand out is to create a holiday-themed video to post on Christmas. And we know you don’t have a lot of time right now, so don’t worry about trying to film custom holiday video content! With Boosted, you can find tons of different seasonally themed video templates to help you create custom marketing videos in 3 minutes or less.

Here’s an example of the holiday content you can customize for your brand using Boosted:

6. Instagram Stories Polls

If you haven’t seen the “This or That” game yet on Instagram you are missing out! It’s a fun game you can easily post on your Instagram Stories to create engagement, while offering your followers a fun activity. Simply post a quiz or poll with a series of photos or videos and ask your customers which ones they prefer. A few ideas include putting up a few classic Christmas movies, holiday treats, and asking your followers to vote on which one they prefer. Not sure where to start with Instagram Story Polls? Check out our blog Instagram Polls: The Complete Guide for Small Businesses.

7. Share a VIP discount code

This time of the year, customers are often doing a lot of holiday shopping and definitely appreciate any savings they can get. Reward your Instagram followers with a surprise discount code that is only available for a day or two to help drive last-minute holiday sales.

UK-based home designer @_heather_orr shared a Christmas discount code with her audience this holiday season:

8. Countdown to New Years

After a particularly rough 2020, people are really looking forward to the New Year and hopefully a fresh start and a slow return to normal life again. If you’re looking to post some inspirational content leading up to the New Year, host a countdown to 2021 and post a series of motivational quotes each day to help share some positivity with your followers. Pro tip: If you are looking to give your Instagram a makeover in 2021, we’ve got some great and easy tips for you here.

9. Share your 2021 goals

Last but not least, who doesn’t love setting some new goals for a new year? We love the idea of small businesses getting more personal on social media and sharing your New Years’ goals with your customers. Not only can this help motivate you to achieve your goals even sooner, it also helps your customers get to know you better. Need some goal-setting inspiration? Check out 10 Ways to Set (and Achieve) Goals for Your Small Business in 2021 for inspiration.  

We hope your small business can use these social media content ideas to make the most of Instagram during the rest of the holiday season. If you’re looking for some more social media ideas, you’ll definitely want to check out our 21 Ideas to Revamp Your Social Media for 2021 blog post. Happy Holidays!

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