9 Mistakes Small Businesses are Making on TikTok (and How to Avoid Them!)

So you’re finally ready to get your small business established on TikTok but worried about making mistakes along the way? No worries, we’ve rounded up the most common mistakes small businesses are making on TikTok that you should avoid. Keep reading to learn what small businesses should AVOID and our advice on what your small business SHOULD DO instead when joining TikTok.

1. Not Joining TikTok

The most common (and the easiest to fix!) mistake we see small businesses making when it comes to TikTok is simply not joining the platform! It might feel like you’re already on so many social media platforms but we definitely recommend small businesses create an account on TikTok. Not sure which social media platforms your small business should be active on? Check out this blog post about ‘Why Your Small Businesses Should NOT Be on Every Social Media Platform’.

2. Not Watching TikTok Videos

The next most common mistake we see small business owners making on TikTok is creating an account but never logging in and scrolling through all of the great TikTok videos! It’s not only fun to watch TikTok videos on a regular basis BUT there’s a few key benefits to being active on the platform. By watching videos and interacting with the content you like, TikTok learns your preferences and will customize your ‘For You Page’ with TikTok videos they think you’ll love. Also, watching TikTok videos on a regular basis will help you keep up with all of the fun TikTok trends!

3. Not Creating Video Content

Not creating short-form video content isn’t just a mistake we see small business owners making on TikTok! Short-form videos are the future and there are so many reasons your small business should be creating video content to share on every social media platform, not just TikTok. It’s easy to create high-quality marketing videos for social media with Boosted, the video making app with tons of templates, stock video footage and great music!

4. Creating a Business Account

Okay, so not everyone will agree with this mistake but we think it’s a big no-no for small businesses to create a business account on TikTok. Typically we recommend small businesses to create a business account when joining a new social media platform however, we actually would consider this a mistake when it comes to TikTok. When it comes to social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram, creating a business account will allow you to see more insights and have more capabilities so why would this be a mistake when it comes to TikTok? Well, most of the commercial music that is trending on TikTok aren’t copyrighted for business use so if your small business created a business account you won’t be able to use all of the great, trending songs! We’d recommend joining TikTok as an individual and sharing about your small business through your own personal TikTok account. Read Next: “Why Small Businesses Should Be More Authentic on Social Media

5. Not Using Trending Songs

Speaking of trending songs on TikTok… it’s a mistake for small businesses (and everyone else!) to not use trending songs on TikTok. If you aren’t familiar with TikTok yet, you’ll quickly learn that music is key to the TikTok experience. Songs start to trend and using trending songs will help increase the reach of your TikTok videos and boost the odds of your small business getting on the FYP faster. Curious about the FYP and why it matters? Read our blog post ‘How to Get Your Small Business Featured on TikTok’s For You Page’ for our best TikTok tips!

6. Not Content Planning

Another mistake we see a lot of small businesses make on TikTok is forgetting to plan out their video content ideas for TikTok. Not sure where to start when it comes to video content planning? Just start scrolling TikTok! Because of all the trends and challenges on TikTok, it’s actually encouraged to ‘copy’ other people’s video content. Check out a few videos in your FYP and see if there’s any videos with trends, challenges or songs that your small business could participate in. Keep a list of ideas as you’re watching, then plan out your content and recreate those videos with your unique spin on it. Looking for more advice when it comes to content planning? You’ll love this article “How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar: A Guide for Small Business Owners”.

7. Giving up on Video Content

If you’ve been trying to make videos within the TikTok app and you are finding it too difficult to create and edit videos on the app, don’t give up on video content all together! We know it can be hard to learn how to edit videos and it can be hard to figure out how to do the transitions and edits within the TikTok app. Instead of giving up on videos if you’re struggling with TikTok, definitely look into an app that makes the video editing process easy, like Boosted’s video making app that helps you create high-quality marketing videos in just a few minutes! Read Next: “16 Essential Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2021”

8. Not Posting Frequently Enough

A super common mistake that brands of all sizes are making when it comes to TikTok, is not posting frequently enough. TikTok is a quick moving platform and things can start trending quickly so it’s super important to post often. Posting just once or twice a week is definitely not enough – you never know exactly which videos will ‘go viral’ on TikTok so it’s actually best to post as many videos as possible to increase your chances of your videos being watched. We’d even recommend posting as many as 1-2 videos a DAY on TikTok if you’re able to keep up with the content creation.

9. Forgetting to Cross Promote

Okay, so if your small business is on TikTok and you are avoiding all of the mistakes we’ve mentioned so far, great job! The final mistake you’ll want to avoid is forgetting to promote your TikTok account on your other social media platforms. When you are putting in all the effort to create tons of great short-form video content, it would be a shame to not use them across all of your social media platforms! Select a few of your favorite TikTok videos that have done well within the TikTok app and try re-sharing those on Instagram Reels. You can even share the link to a TikTok video on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to boost the views on your TikTok videos!


TikTok might seem like a difficult social media platform to stay on top of but most of the mistakes your small business will want to avoid are easy ones to fix. We hope this list helps you successfully get started on TikTok and avoid some of the most common mistakes small businesses make with their TikTok accounts. If you’re looking to learn more about TikTok, definitely check out our articles, “The Ultimate TikTok Marketing Guide for Small Businesses in 2021” and “TikTok Analytics: Everything You Need to Know” for more advice.

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