TikTok Hashtag Strategies for Bakers and Bakeries

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked goods in the morning? 

While, unfortunately, the technology to bring this mouth-watering smell to consumers via their smartphones is still far from being possible, platforms like TikTok are ideal for getting your bakery’s brand name and content in front of today’s modern consumers. 

In fact, with 500 million active monthly users, TikTok is one of the leading social channels you can use to attract and engage your audience, in turn, allowing you to grow your brand. 

In the following article, we’ve put together a quick guide on using TikTok hashtags effectively to maximize your bakery’s reach and efficacy. 

Using Relevant, Niche-Specific Hashtags

No matter which social platform you’re talking about, it’s vital to only use TikTok hashtags that are relevant and descriptive of the content you’re posting. 

Failure to use relevant hashtags doesn’t only cause your content to be misleading to your viewers, but it will also make it look spammy, which might get flagged and penalized by the platform’s algorithm. 

Not to mention the fact that nobody really wants to be viewing, liking or sharing spammy-looking content. 

In other words, take the time to use TikTok hashtags that explain what your post is about contextually or that are at least related to it in some way. 

Doing so ensures that those who view your content can easily browse and explore other similar content without being misled, which brings us to our next point. 

Creating Branded Hashtags

Just like your logo, your brand’s tone of voice, or messaging, branded hashtags should be an essential aspect of your brand throughout any marketing campaign. 

Branded hashtags refer to hashtags that include the name of your brand, its products or services, or those uniquely promoted by your brand.

As a simple example, if you run a bakery called Bob’s Bakery, you might choose to start using a few branded hashtags similar in nature to #BobsBakery or #CakesByBob. 

Like the rest of your branding, using branded hashtags ensures that your content will be related exclusively to your brand. And, it also helps make your brand more memorable to those who view the content. 

Additionally, using branded hashtags make it easy to keep all your content accessible from the same place. 

So when a user clicks on one of your branded hashtags, they’ll be brought to a list of all your content that uses that same hashtag. 

Creating A Hashtag Strategy

Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular hashtags to use for bakers and bakeries looking to maximize their posts’ reach. 

However, it’s much more practical to use hashtags strategically and according to the content that post, rather than simply using the world’s most popular hashtags. 

In other words, you must take the time to identify as many relevant TikTok hashtags as possible and then use them and different variations of them with the content you publish. 

However, while you’ll want to frequently use many of the same branded hashtags and niche-specific hashtags with your posts, don’t only ever use the same ones. 

Remember to mix it up, get creative, keep it relevant, and have fun reaching as many potential TikTok-ers as possible! 

The Best Baking Hashtags 2021 to Copy & Paste

When you see accounts, such as The Bailey Bakery’s, with its 5.4M followers and well over 127M likes, it’s easy to understand why being active and promoting your bakery on TikTok can pay off in the long run. 

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