How to Add a Logo to your Video

When posting videos for your business to social media, it’s no secret that adding your logo to the video is important. Adding your logo to the video can help connect the user from the video to your brand and, even better, adding a logo watermark marks your videos as your own so only you can exclusively use it! In addition, adding the logo to several frames of the video can give it a polished consistency that will make your video appear more professional.

For whatever reason you might be posting a video to social media, making sure to add your business logo to the video will help spread brand recognition and ultimately help your video succeed more!

Not sure how to add a logo to your video? Check out this guide on how to use Boosted to add a logo to your video for free!

Step 1: Download Boosted

First, head to the App Store or the Google Play Store and download Boosted from there! This is a super easy and fast step – and the best part is that it’s totally free to download!

Step 2: Upload Video

To add your logo to the video, you’ll need to use the video editing tool so you’ll first need to upload your video there. To do this, simply tap the + icon at the bottom of the home screen and select the video you want to use. Then, select the style you like the best and tap Create.

add logo to video

Step 3: Make Edits To The Video

Boosted has loads of cool video editing tools, including text, colors, music and more! Feel free to enhance your video by playing around with the professional tools available. You can also easily remove any text or graphics that you don’t like.

add logo to video

Step 4: Add Your Logo

Once you’ve finished editing the video, head to the last slide to add your logo to the video! Tap on the logo icon and then select your personalized logo from your phone’s library. Pinch in and out to adjust the size of the logo for your video. Tada! Your clip now has a logo on the video! Just tap Preview to export and your logo video is good to go!

add logo to video


Adding a logo to your video for social media is easy (and free!) – especially when you use Boosted to add the logo to your video! Adding a logo helps raise brand awareness and adding a logo watermark makes sure that no one else can steal your hard work!

Adding a logo to your video is so easy and beneficial that there’s no reason you shouldn’t be adding logos to all your videos today!

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