Basics: How Long Are Instagram Stories & Instagram Videos?

Instagram is designed to be simple and easy to scroll through. It’s perfect for sharing all kinds of visual media.

To make content more digestible, Instagram keeps video length short and sweet. Instagram Stories can be up to 7 seconds long for photos, and up to 15 seconds long for videos.

  • Minimum Instagram Story length: None
  • Maximum Instagram Story length: 15 seconds

Instagram video length

Videos that appear on your feed can be a bit longer. When you post a video, you’ll be prompted to trim it to a clip of no longer than a minute.

  • Minimum Instagram video length: 3 seconds
  • Maximum Instagram video length: 60 seconds

IGTV video length

In June 2018, Instagram launched a new feature that allows users to post longer videos. These videos don’t appear on the feed. Instead, they appear on a new section of Instagram called IGTV.

IGTV works sort of like a TV: each user can create a channel for broadcasting their videos. When a user taps on the IGTV icon, they’ll see a series of recommended videos from the accounts they’re following. Your followers will also find past IGTV videos on your profile.

In 2019, Instagram made it possible to post a 60-second “preview” clip of your IGTV videos on your feed. Followers can easily access the full video by clicking the “Watch full IGTV video” button that appears on the preview.

  • Minimum IGTV video length: 15 seconds
  • Maximum IGTV video length: 10 minutes

Instagram Live video length

There’s one more Instagram video feature that allows you to post an even longer video: Instagram Live.

On Instagram Live, you can broadcast video and engage with your followers in real time for up to an hour. Once you’re done, you can post the video to your Stories so followers who missed the broadcast will have a chance to see it.

  • Minimum Instagram Live length: None
  • Maximum Instagram Live length: 1 hour

Tip: How to make your Instagram video longer than the allowed amount

If you want to post a longer video to your feed or Stories, you can! All you need to do is split your video into smaller clips, using a video editor or third-party app, and post them together.

On your feed, your followers can watch a minute-long segment of your video, then swipe left to watch the next segment. You can fit up to 10 minutes of video in a single post using this method.

With Stories, the videos will play automatically in the order in which you uploaded them. You can upload as many as 100 stories in a day — and that comes out up to 25 minutes of video!

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