Dental Video Marketing Guide for 2021

Do you have a dental practice which could use a jolt of video marketing? Most dental practices use the same methods: local advertising and old school brochures and partnerships.

Have you considered video marketing for your dental practice? Video marketing can be immensely beneficial for pretty much every single business out there, especially dentists, who although use video with patients, have yet to fully embrace dental videos for marketing and promotion.

What are the perks? What are some successful examples? If you are open to using our awesome video maker for your dental business, then peruse our awesome library of 500+ video ad templates, then make sure to read this complete dental video marketing guide for 2021 where we answer all of your questions:

Why Your Dental Practice Will Benefit From A Video Marketing Strategy:

Traditional dentists and dental practices and clinics are pursuing marketing in a traditional manner. Video marketing however, will allow dentists to deliver information to their consumers in a lightning fast, fun, and easily digestible manner. Simultaneously, video is going to allow you to present yourself in a more personal way. And we all know that personal care and a personal touch is crucial for any dentist/patient relationship.

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Videos will let you speak directly to the dental patient. You can even give a virtual tour and show them around your clinic and introduce them to your employees. This will make you feel like a member of the family and it will encourage more people to trust you. Finally, dental video marketing enables you to reach more people in a shorter period of time.

What Makes A Good Dental Marketing Video?

According to Invisia, since 2018, mobile video consumption rises by about 100% each and every year. 

When it comes to creating promotional videos for your dental practice, there are virtually no limits to the types of videos you can create, especially with the right kind of promo video maker. Which, unfortunately, tends to make it a bit more challenging to find good ideas for your video content. 

So what exactly makes a good dental marketing video? And, how can you ensure that your videos are going to resonate well with your audience? 

Below, we’ll review the 3 most important elements that should always be included in your dental marketing videos. And then, we’ll take a look at a few prime examples of good quality dental practice videos. 


At the end of the day, you’re not creating videos simply for the sake of creating videos. You’re creating video content in order to promote and market your dental practice. 

Therefore, if you want your video content to be well-received by your audience, you need to ensure that each and every video you create is offering some type of value to your potential patients, whether that be information value or promotional value like price savings or discounts.

By providing value to your viewers, not only will potential customers learn to trust your practice, but it will also help establish you as a thought leader in the dental industry where people can turn for important information. 


Whenever it comes to creating videos, one of the most important elements that all successful videos have is the element of personality. 

So if you want your video to resonate well with your audience, you need to make sure that they use your practice’s personality, including a personal, approachable, yet friendly tone of voice, as well as intimations of your values, goals, and mission as a dental practice. 

By adding an element of personality to your videos, you’ll be making your practice seem more human, in turn, making it more approachable for those who are just learning about you for the first time. 


Every video that you create needs to have a purpose, but it also needs to clearly explain to your viewers what you want them to do after the video is over. 

So, for instance, if you’re creating video content to promote your practice’s new teeth whitening service, you might want to include a CTA, inviting viewers to contact your office to request a free consultation about having their teeth whitened. 

Essentially, no matter what type of video you decide to create, always make sure to include a clear CTA at the end, which simply lets the viewer know what they should do next. 

5 Examples Of Successful Dental Marketing Videos

Over the years, a handful of dental clinics have managed to gain immense popularity by using videos. Some of the videos have been more effective than others. Still, even the lowest quality videos provide consumers with more information and they also help the clinic reach more people.

One of the most effective videos of recent years is from Novodent. In the company’s dental promo video, which is nearly three minutes long, consumers are given a walk through of the facility. It shows off the world-class equipment and the cleanliness of everything.

Finally, there is the Flossophy Dental Clinic. This is another high-quality dental marketing video that speaks volumes to the consumer. All of these are perfect examples of effective dental marketing videos.

Although this video wasn’t created by an actual dental practice, Carrington College’s dental program created this awesome explainer video titled How To Brush Your Teeth. 

What’s great about this video is that it clearly provides information on how to properly care for your teeth. In other words, the video is offering valuable information by teaching viewers something that they may not currently know. 

Creating this type of informational or educational content is a great way to help establish trust between your practice and its potential patients. 

Although this next video might not actually explain anything about the dental practice itself, the services offered, or who works there, the video is nonetheless captivating and entertaining to watch.

This is because of the video using upbeat music while displaying the various rooms and offices at Dr. Micheals’ dental clinic location. 

Even the shots and angles used of the dental practice are taken in high-resolution, making the dental clinic appear cleaner, crisper, and more professional, which is something that any dental potential patient is able to admire. 

This next dental video by Henry Schein Dental is yet another sterling example of how a dental practice can create valuable, high-quality content that is sure to resonate well with any potential dental patient, as well as other dental practices. 

In this lengthy dental marketing video, Henry Schein Dental makes the most of a dire situation by discussing the ways that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected the practice, and in turn, their patients as well. 

This is a perfect example that explains how a dental marketing video doesn’t necessarily need to be about dentistry or oral health. 

And instead, by focusing on relevant, newsworthy topics, dental practices can easily create high-quality video content that’s almost guaranteed to perform well once published online. 

How To Create a Professional Dental Marketing Video

It doesn’t take a professional video designer to create an awesome dental marketing video. In fact, there are numerous ways to create a video while putting in limited effort.

For starters, you can think about showing off your clinic. Use the video as a way to give the consumer a virtual tour of the facility. This will get them comfortable with you and your clinic in advance. And of course, that will encourage them to visit your clinic in the future. You can also use a video to speak directly to the customer. Tell them about your clinic and the services that you offer.

Finally, you may be able to create a video showing off your skills. Record yourself performing a dental procedure on a patient. Just make sure that you get their permission in advance. Either of these methods will prove to be very effective for creating a great video for your marketing efforts.

As for distribution, you can use these videos internally, or publish on your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in order to build up a local and global following.

Tools For Creating A Dental Marketing Video

At the end of the day, you cannot create a video without some basic tools. Obviously, you’re going to need a camera and such. While you’re at it, you will need to use some type of software to edit and manipulate your video.

There are plenty of great programs out there, including our very own Boosted video maker app, perfect for creating dental promo videos on every social media platform, including: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, & YouTube.

How Video Marketing Benefits The Dental Industry in 2020

The dental industry needs to improve and become more tech oriented. This is why they need to embrace dental video marketing. These techniques help the industry as a whole. They give dentists the ability to better interact with their clients. They also make it possible to gain more trust from the customers.

This combination is not only going to help the dentist in question but it is also going to help the entire industry. It will really bring the dental industry into the digital age and allow them to reap the major benefits of embracing and using video technology to reach their customer base.

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