Eight of the Fastest-Growing Instagram Pages

Instagram has become a must-have marketing tool for everyone from small businesses to corporate giants. Influencers and brand pages have the potential to grab tens of millions of followers by posting the right content consistently for their target audiences. These huge followings boost brand awareness and visibility, which are key elements in successful marketing.

The trick to replicating the Instagram growth that some of these brands and influencers have achieved is to first identify your target audience, and then to post what they want to see, while maintaining your unique brand personality.

Here are 8 of the fastest-growing Instagram Pages and the engagement strategies they use to keep growing.

Brands, Influencers & Engagement Strategies from the Fastest Growing Instagram Pages:


Asos (@asos) is a British clothing retailer with over 10.5 million followers. Their Instagram page is plastered with user-generated content that shows real people strutting their stuff in Asos gear, and looking pretty good doing it. 

Engagement Strategy: User-Generated Content

High-quality, user-generated content is the ultimate weapon in Instagram marketing. There is simply no better way to represent your audience than with your audience. Seeing real people enjoying your product or service shows consumers that they’ll enjoy it too. For more insights, check out our guide on the topic here

2. Chubbies

Chubbies (@chubbies) is another clothing and accessory line that targets men between the ages of 18 and 40. They currently stand at just over 500k followers. Their major stroke of genius was in developing a brand voice that engages that audience. On Chubbies’ Instagram page, you’ll find a whole lot of bro humor, memes, and a massive positive response from their followers.

Engagement Strategy: Brand Voice

If you want to reach people, you have to speak their language. Your brand voice should already be developed around your target audience, so be sure that your posts reflect that voice as well. Don’t be afraid to be funny, genuine, intellectual or whatever it is that your audience will connect with. Just make sure that your brand voice is consistent so you don’t confuse your existing following.

3. Vans

As a well-established brand with 17.9 million followers, Vans (@vans) hardly needs an introduction. The official shoe of the skater boy since the 60s, Vans came to Instagram with an already large and dedicated following, which they keep engaged by posting content that speaks to the skater boy soul. Visit their page and you’ll find high-quality adventure shots, user-generated content, and sick skateboarding stills.

Engagement Strategy: Setting

Don’t just post images of your products in front of a nice, clean, white background. People want to see your stuff in action. They want to see where your product will take them. Snatch up some good UGC or get out there and shoot your own images and videos of your product in its natural habitat.

4. Under Armour

Under Armour (@underarmour) is a mega clothing brand that could probably get by just fine by sharing UGC and quality imagery of their sports line in action, but they go the extra mile to grow their following by providing actual value in their posts. They achieve this with a series of IGTV workout videos that you can do at home with little to no equipment. It’s no wonder they have more than 8.1 million loyal followers and counting.

Engagement Strategy: Value

If you’ve got knowledge or skills that are relevant to your brand and audience and easy to convey in video, use them! A little effort goes a long way on a social media platform where everyone’s attention spans are in hyperdrive. Break your wisdom up into short tidbits and post them weekly or monthly to boost your following with people who are likely to be interested in your products and services. For tips on how to create more video content for Instagram, check out our blog here

5. M.A.C. Cosmetics

MAC (@maccosmetics) is a make-up brand with no gimmicks. What you’ll find on their Instagram page is a lot of close-up shots of their makeup along with captions that provide clear product details. They also post a lot of tutorials which their audience loves to engage with but it’s those high-def close-ups that show off the quality of their products to their 23.4M followers.

Engagement Strategy: Product Details

Take your Instagram audience from followers to customers by showing them not just your products, but the value of your products up close with images and videos. Be sure to provide all the details they’ll need in order to make a purchase. Even an interested buyer isn’t going to sift through 20 Instagram posts to find your details. 

6. H&M

A mega clothing brand with 35.6 million followers, H&M (@hm) maintains a simple approach to Instagram: professional-quality photos. Whether they’re lifestyle photos, staged product shots, or collages, every photo on H&M’s Instagram is pro-quality. 

Engagement Strategy: High-Quality Images

If you’re posting user-generated content, it’s likely that not every image is going to be super high-quality, so make sure you’re regularly posting images and videos that show off your products in the best light. 

7. Strashme

After winning an influencer competition hosted by James Charles, Ashley Strong (@Strashme) gained an impressive 800k followers on Instagram. Her following continues to grow as she posts quick, edited tutorials on mostly bold makeup looks and occasionally how to take killer Instagram pics and videos. Making use of captions to elaborate when necessary, she keeps her videos short and to the point.

Engagement Strategy: Video Editing

Deliver big value without losing your audience’s attention by editing your videos to remove any unnecessary fluff or dull moments. That doesn’t mean you have to condense everything you post, but adding some quick tutorials or humor is a great way to keep your followers clicking on your content.

8. Noah Beck

Noah Beck (@noahbeck) is the latest hot topic crossing over from TikTok to Instagram and showing 143% gains each month in followers. He currently has 4.4M followers. While his looks don’t hurt any, his flash fame is attributed more to his charming, chill, and genuinely kind personality. 

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Engagement Strategy: Brand Personality

Brand personality is what humanizes your businesses to your audience. On Instagram, it is conveyed through your brand voice and your visuals. Make sure your brand personality is relatable to your audience and do your best to keep it consistent. 

Other Effective Strategies for Fast Growing IG Pages

Some other tactics seen on these pages and on some of the other fastest-growing Instagram pages include: shoutouts and reviews, as well as giveaways and competitions that draw the audience in. Behind-the-scenes images and videos help the audience connect and relate to your brand, as do motivational posts and underdog stories. 

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