How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a fantastic way to engage with followers and create new leads. One of the advantages Stories have over Feed posts is that you can add links to them.

How to Add a Swipe Up Link:

If you have 10,000 followers or more, adding a link to your Instagram Story is super easy. Here’s what to do:

  1. Take a photo, or upload an image to your Story.
  2. In the Story editor, tap the link icon on the top of the screen (the one that looks like a chain).
  3. Tap +URL.
  4. Type in the URL of the website you want to link to.
  5. Tap “Done” on the upper right corner of the screen.

instagram marketing social media marketingOnce you post your Story, your followers will be able to follow the link by swiping up when they view it.

But what if you don’t have 10K+ followers yet?

Link In Bio: A Hack for Under-10K Accounts

The only place an account with fewer than 10K followers can post a link is in their bio. This is a bummer, because even if we tell followers they can find the link there, they might not bother to take that extra step.

The trick is to make it easy for them to tap through to your profile. And you can do that by adding a @Mention sticker to your Story.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap “edit profile.”
  2. In the “website” textbox, add the link you want users to follow.
  3. Add something to your bio indicating what the link is and encouraging followers to click through.
  4. Tap “Add Story” and take or upload a photo.
  5. In the Story editor, tap the sticker icon on the top of the screen.
  6. Find the @Mention sticker and tap on it.
  7. Enter your own handle.

For a more discreet look, you can shrink the sticker until it’s barely visible and place it on top of a logo or other image. That way, you can encourage your followers to tap on that image instead of the @Mention sticker.


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