How to Get More Members in Your Facebook Group – Fast!

If you’ve recently started a Facebook Group for business purposes, it’s probably at the top of your list to attract some new and engaged group members.

You’ll want to promote your group to people who have the potential to really bring something valuable to your group’s conversations – and maybe even convert as customers.

Here are 7 ways to help you find the right people to join your Facebook Group and grow your online community:

1. Send a dedicated email to your list

Whether your mailing list is big or small, it’s likely full of people who are interested in what you have to say. Send an email letting them know that you’ve create a group, and make sure to highlight the value proposition of your community.

2. Announce it to all of your social media followers 

Post about it on your Instagram Stories and in your feed, on Twitter, on your Facebook Business Page, or anywhere else that you have a following, regardless of the size. Be sure to include the link to your group!

Consider posting a short video of yourself explaining what the group is about and what’s in it for people who join – here’s your opportunity to let your excitement shine through!

3. Host an Invite-a-Friend contest among current group members

Host a giveaway in the group and make the entry requirement to bring a friend to the group. Be sure to let people know that you want them to invite people who they think will genuinely enjoy and benefit from the community.

4. Add the group URL to your business cards

This is a great one if you do a lot of in-person networking for your business.

5. Add some calls-to-action (CTAs) to your website

Include a button that stands out with some brief text about your group, wherever it makes sense on your site. Good placements to consider include: your About page, the site footer, and at the bottom of relevant blog posts.

6. Create a Facebook ad about your group

Create a paid campaign and experiment with a small budget. Target people with interests that relate to your group and your business. Pro Tip: make sure to limit your targeting to where people speak the language that is used in your group.

Even 10-20 new and active group members can dramatically increase the overall engagement in your group, and so it’s always a good idea to target new people whenever you can.

7. Welcome new group members

As new members request to join, make sure to welcome them into the group with a welcome post and encourage them to comment and introduce themselves so that they’ll join the conversation right from the get-go.

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Action Items:

1. Choose two of the strategies above and add them to your to-do list this week.

2. Track the growth of your Facebook Group. Once you implement your desired strategies, check your Facebook Group Insights regularly. If you see that your approach isn’t working effectively and that you aren’t attracting enough new, quality members, try out a different strategy. 

Get More Facebook Group Members

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