IGTV vs. Reels vs. Instagram Stories

Is Instagram Taking Over the Online Video Market? The IGTV vs Reels Vs Stories debate gets real.

Large social media platforms can’t stand to see each other create, develop, and launch new ideas without immediately releasing their own version of the tool, feed, or platform. As social media everywhere becomes more video-centric, Instagram seems to have established a solid corner of the market with IGTV, Stories, and Reels. But what’s the purpose of having three video content formats on one platform and how are they different?

Instagram TV (IGTV)

IGTV is the YouTube of Instagram. It’s a place where people can post their edited, high-quality videos in long format, up to 10 minutes. The app can be accessed directly or through your Instagram account. One key difference between YouTube vs IGTV is IGTV’s vertical orientation as the selfie culture seems to prefer the vertical format. Another big difference is that verified accounts on YouTube can take up to 12 hours to upload, while it is much faster to upload a video to IGTV on Instagram.

Marketing on IGTV

While IGTV isn’t exactly a competitor to YouTube, it is a pretty solid video platform in its own right. If you can create content that appeals to your audience, make sure to keep the content short, and remember to include links that advance your marketing goals. Additionally, with tons of awesome video creation apps, like Boosted available to download, it’s easier than ever to make professional IGTV videos. You can also always repurpose the IGTV content and share these videos to Instagram Stories and other channels as well. Check out our guide to IGTV for your business here.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are temporary posts that are either pictures or short videos, usually accompanied with text or other special effects. Ring any bells? That’s right! Snapchat. Stories is Instagram’s response to Snapchat. Hashtags, polls, and countdowns make IG Stories an interactive and effective platform for video marketing and engaging with your audience. 

Marketing on IG Stories

Stories make it easy to engage your audience with just the tiniest bit of creativity. You only have to hold people’s attention for 15 seconds. Throw in a fun poll or a catchy hashtag and you’ve got brand visibility and an engaged following! Still debating whether to use Instagram Stories in your marketing strategy? Check out this pros and cons list of Instagram Stories for your business here.


Once you recognize the trends of copying Snapchat and YouTube, you could have guessed that the next platform to emulate would be TikTok! Instagram Reels is a short-format video feed where users can post 15-second clips to make people laugh, show off a skill, or market their brand. While Reels is relatively new, it hasn’t made the same splash into the video marketing social media arena as TikTok, in fact, most of Reels videos are simply mostly TikTok reposts. 

Marketing on IG Reels

While Reels will probably never achieve the success that TikTok achieved, it still presents a great marketing opportunity. Reels allows its user to create content that quickly highlights a product, shows some behind-the-scenes of your company culture, or illustrates the benefit your customers and clients have received. They’re really simple to create on the platform itself or you can use video creation apps, like Boosted, to create something a bit different! You can just make entertaining content that gets your brand in front of the right people! Need more Instagram Reels information? Check out this business owner’s guide to Instagram Reels


When it comes to IGTV vs Reels vs Stories, each platform offers something a little different, so you should take your audience and your preference into consideration, but if you’re going for marketing impact, your best bet is going to be Instagram Stories.

According to the 2019 Social Media Marketing Report, 38% of marketers are using Instagram Stories while only 26% are using IGTV. Reels is too new to be on the 2019 report, but we know Instagram’s existing reach will most likely make Reels into yet another considerable platform, judging by the millions of views already claimed by NBA channels, Louis Vuitton, and others!

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