11 Instagram Content Ideas for Service-Based Businesses

For service-based businesses without a physical product, creating content for Instagram might sound like a really difficult task. But we’re here to reassure you that there are actually tons of fun, engaging and educational content that service-based businesses need to be sharing on Instagram. And if you are feeling stuck when it comes to brainstorming Instagram content, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for tons of unique and easy-to-create Instagram content for your service-based business. 

1. Answer FAQ

As a service-based business, you might notice many of your clients and prospective clients have similar questions. Jot down a few commonly asked questions and create a series of posts to share on Instagram weekly or monthly to answer these FAQs. Not only is this the type of high-quality, educational content your clients are craving but it also helps cement you as an expert in your field!

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2. Behind the Scenes Video

Who doesn’t love seeing some behind the scenes footage? Next time you are working with a client or wrapping up a project, be sure to quickly record a few short videos or snap a few photos on your phone. Later you can compile these quick clips together to create a fun, BTS video your clients will love! Not sure how to edit video clips together? With the video-making app Boosted, it’s super easy to create videos from photo or video content. Plus, there’s tons of templates, music and font options to create professionally branded videos! Read Next: “16 Essential Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2021

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3. Client Reviews

Have clients that absolutely love your work? This is the PERFECT content for service-based businesses to be posting on Instagram. You might already have a few client testimonials on your website but in order to help drive potential clients to your website to book your services, you need to be sharing these great reviews on Instagram. So don’t be shy about posting these as often as you can!

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4. Tutorial

As a service-based business, your followers and clients look to you for educational content in your field and a tutorial is the perfect type of quality content your clients will enjoy engaging with. Choose the topic you want to talk about, write out a few step by step instructions and create a few Instagram Stories or carousel tutorial to share on Instagram. Read Next: “7 Secrets For Entrepreneurs to Get The Most Out of Instagram Stories

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5. Mistakes to Avoid

You probably see many of your clients making the same mistakes often. *cringe* Help out your clients and potential clients by (nicely!) sharing a few mistakes people often make with their social media, accounting, fitness, etc and give advice on what they could be doing instead.

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6. Mood Board Monday

If you’re a service-based business in a creative field like photography, graphic design or wedding planning, we have a fun and refreshing type of Instagram content to test out… mood boards! Simply compile a few aesthetically pleasing photos and create a mood board to help your clients get inspired!

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7. Time to Hire

If you work with a lot of small businesses, it’s a great idea to share a few signs that they are ready to hire you for your services. As a small business owner, sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s the right time to start outsourcing and hire service-based businesses to help you run your business. Let your clients know exactly what you are looking for in clients that are ready to work with you and signs that it’s time for them to hire you!

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8. Reading Recommendations

Have any great books you’ve read recently? This is a super easy and fun topic any service-based business could share on Instagram! Select a few books you’ve read recently (brownie points if they are related to your service offering!) and create an Instagram Reel to recommend these books to your clients. Not sure how to create Instagram Reels yet? It’s easy to create high-quality marketing videos in just a few minutes with the video-making app Boosted!

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9. Pros & Cons

As a service-based business, part of your job is selling your services and a great way to do this is by sharing the pro’s and con’s of using your services. (Hint: Share lots of pros of hiring you!) You can share these in an Instagram caption but creating an Instagram Reel is even more fun and engaging for your clients to watch! Read Next: “13 Instagram Reels Content Ideas for Small Business Owners

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10. Share a Stat

Are there any interesting stats related to your business that your clients might find relevant? Sharing industry-related statistics is an easy and educational piece of content you could share every once in a while on Instagram. Make it visually interesting and be sure to make it clear why you clients should know or care about these statistics. 

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11. The Lingo

This last idea for Instagram content for service-based business might just be our favorite! There are likely tons of terms you use in your business on a regular basis that are pretty basic to you, but this doesn’t always mean your clients will know the lingo! Share some of the terminology that you use on a regular basis to help your clients learn more about your industry and make it easier for them to communicate with you once they’ve hired you for your services!

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Has your service-based business created any of these types of Instagram content yet? We hope you enjoyed these ideas and can’t wait to see all of the great content you create! 

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