Promote your accounting business with the best Instagram hashtags

If you’ve been practically anywhere on the planet for the last few years, you know that Instagram is a hot market for virtually any industry. Accounting is no exception.

But what does it take to drive conversions on the platform? 

First things first. Before you can convert leads, you have to attract them. In this post, we will walk you through the best way to get noticed and gain followers on Instagram.

How to develop a no-fail accounting hashtag strategy

Thoughtful use of hashtags is the number one way to attract new customers on Instagram. In fact, learning to identify and harness the most powerful hashtags for your small finance business is critical to success on the platform.

And, the best part is that you can use this Instagram hashtag strategy on both still posts and video posts! Not sure how to get started with video posts? Check out our Instagram video ad maker to help promote your business on Instagram.

Now that you know how vital it is to develop a robust Instagram hashtag strategy for your accounting business, it’s time to get started!

Top Instagram accounting hashtags

To get you started, here’s a list of top Instagram accounting hashtags. You don’t want to use them exclusively because they have quite a few posts already, but they’re an excellent jumping-off point.


While the most popular accounting hashtag pools might already contain upwards of a million posts, using them can still help drive visitors to your Instagram account, and from there, to your business website.

Of course, you also need to choose some less saturated pools in which your business can stand out. Which brings me to the other benefit of starting out with broad hashtags: You can use them to generate narrower niche hashtags with less competition. This is crucial for small businesses.

Niche down

For example, if you start typing #accounting into the Instagram search bar, you’ll find that it has 1.4 million posts. Instagram will also display related hashtags, like #accountingservices (70,000 posts), #accountingtips (19,000 posts), #accountingandfinance (14,000 posts), and #accountingexpert (3,000 posts). It pays to spend a few minutes scrolling through the options, as you might find a few you hadn’t considered.

Repeat this process with several different terms until you’ve found a solid stable of applicable tags to use.

Next, it’s time to narrow things down even further. One really easy way to do this is simply to add your location. After all, some of the people searching #cpa (700,000 posts) are probably looking for CPAs in their area. So go ahead and include add #houstoncpa (1,400 posts) or #cpahouston (60 posts) (or both!) in your post.

And don’t forget to spell out those acronyms to find even more hashtags. At 12,000 posts, #certifiedpublicaccountant has a fraction of the competition of #cpa.

If you have a specialty, you can use that to find less competitive hashtags as well. For example, #smallbusinesscpa has 500 posts.

Once you have identified the best hashtags for your small finance business, you can use them over and over for your posts, swapping some out for more relevant ones when applicable. This simple exercise pays off by increasing your brand visibility to drive followers, conversions and profits.

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