Rev up your business with the best automotive Instagram hashtags

A lot has changed in the Internet age, but the way people buy cars isn’t one of them. You can’t order a car on Amazon (yet). But marketing your small automotive business is a different ballgame now than it was 20 years ago.

Social media’s role as a marketing arena is growing, and Instagram is at its center.

Instagram started out as a photo-sharing platform. Users flocked to it because of the effortless posting of iPhone photos and all those kitschy filters. 

As the platform grew, its uses grew. And these days, the same people posting photos of their brunch plates are increasingly using Instagram to discover new and exciting brands to follow and patronize. 

They want to find you.

So make it easy for them. How? With a killer Instagram hashtag strategy for your automotive business.

The top auto hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are how people find things on Instagram. A vintage car lover can indulge his interest by browsing through #vintagecars hashtag. And if you’re a vintage car dealer, you want him to be able to find you. The best way is to use the same hashtags he is searching.

Popular auto hashtags

To start, you can have a look at the hashtags other small businesses in your field are using. You can also just look up some of the more obvious tags that come to mind.


In the automotive field, it’s likely that only some of these hashtags will apply to you. But you’ll probably want to find more, because research suggests that the optimal number of hashtags for an Instagram post is 11.

Luckily, there is a pretty easy way to find more hashtags for your brand, and it’s built right into the platform.

Additionally, you can use hashtags in still posts or video posts! Interested in learning how to create the perfect video? Check out our Instagram video ad maker to help promote your auto business on Instagram!

Find the right auto hashtags

Type #cardetailing, into the search box, and you’ll see a list of predictive suggestions appear in a drop-down list. The list also includes the number of posts that already appear in that hashtag’s photo pool (#cardetailing has 2 million). 

Scroll down to see all of the suggestions, including #cardetailingproducts (33,000 posts), #cardetailingluxury (5,600 posts), #cardetailingsupplies (2,400 posts), and #cardetailingshop (500 posts). If you run a small car detailing business, you can use all of those hashtags.

You can repeat this process with other hashtags, and before you know it, you’ll have a solid selection of hashtags ready for all your future posts.

Get more specific

You can also find more powerful auto hashtags by incorporating details about your business, such as your location or your specialty. 

For example, #towingservice has 83,000 posts, but #towingservicechicago only has 250. Use both hashtags for your towing service. The more specific one will help you be found by locals who are looking for your services in your area. 

By using these techniques to find the best hashtags for your auto business, you’ll make it easier for your target consumer to find you. So get out there and start tagging your posts!

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