Reach more customers with the most effective Instagram fashion hashtags

These days, it seems you can’t throw a stone on Instagram without hitting a dozen fashion influencers. From athleisure to boho to high glamour, the platform is chock full of advertisements for apparel stores and outfit-of-the-day selfies.

The platform is a meeting place for the style-obsessed and the companies that profit from those obsessions. You only need to search hashtags for popular apparel brands to see that this is true. 

Consumers want to interact with your fashion business too. They just need to find you first. But how can you make a statement and stand out?

The answer is in the hashtags, or more specifically, the best Instagram hashtags for your fashion business.

Finding the best fashion hashtags on Instagram

While having an Instagram presence is increasingly necessary for all businesses, it’s absolutely mandatory for fashion business owners. Users want to identify and interact with the companies that clothe them. Check out #oldnavystyle and #jcrewstyle for evidence.

But if you’re reading this, your business probably isn’t a billion-dollar international brand. To attract those customers in the first place, you have to use hashtags.

Top fashion hashtags

There are a lot of fashion-related hashtags on Instagram. Many of them are insanely popular; #fashion has nearly 900 million posts. Targeting that hashtag probably isn’t the most effective plan.

Instead, you’ll need to get a little more specific. Here are some ideas to get you going:


How many hashtags should you use? That’s up to you. Instagram allows up to 30 on a single post, and some research has found that that the optimal number of hashtags for an Instagram post is 11.

It’s unlikely that all the hashtags in the list above will apply to you, but don’t worry. It’s easy to find more, and Instagram actually helps you do it.

How to find the best fashion hashtags

When you type a hashtag such as #jewelry into the search box, Instagram will immediately make a list of predictive suggestions. This list appears below the search box, and includes the number of posts already associated with each hashtag.

In this example search, we see that #jewelry already has 88 million posts. But we also find #jewelryaddict (6.9 million posts), jewelry shop (990,000 posts), #jewelrysale (500,000 posts) and #jewelrybrand (200,000 posts). 

These are all great hashtags to use for your jewelry business. 

You can also get more specific by adding your location to target local clients, or differentiating your tags with a specialization. For example, #weddingdress has 39 million posts, but #weddingdressvancouver has 760.

Now you see how easy it is to find effective hashtags to target your fashion clients by using other hashtags. Repeat the process with a few different tags until you have enough hashtags for your posts.

Consumers enjoy discovering new brands on Instagram. Make yours easy to find with the best mix of fashion hashtags. Then start building relationships with your new followers and watch your business grow.

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