Strengthen your business with the best Instagram fitness hashtags

Instagram’s fitness community is vibrant. Whether you’re looking for healthy recipes, fitness challenges, or inspirational photos of the transformation from flab to fab, you’ll find it on Instagram.

More specifically, you’ll find it by using Instagram hashtags.

And that’s also how your potential customers will find you, so you have to know how to use hashtags to your advantage. Part of this is knowing how to use an effective Instagram hashtag strategy for your floral biz.

Top fitness hashtags you need to be using

Here are some of the most popular fitness-related hashtags on Instagram:

#fitness #gettingfit #gethealthy #healthybody #workout #workoutlife #workingout #gym #gymrat #gymlife #gymselfie #stayinshape #fitnessgoals

This is a list to get you started, but you’re going to want to fine-tune and customize it to work for your business. You may use a few of these tags, but you should also include tags that are more specific – sometimes going through the profiles that tagged the key hashtags will also help you find more relevant ones!


First of all, some of these tags have positively enormous pools—#fitness has nearly half a billion photos. Talk about being a small fish in a big pond.

Second, it’s crucial to make it easy for the people who are looking for your business to find you. So if you sell fun handmade headbands to tame sweaty hair, you can use a mix of general fitness hashtags as well as some tags to attract potential customers who are already interested in headbands. One option is #fitnessheadband. 

How many fitness hashtags should you use?

If you read five articles about how many hashtags you should use on your posts, you’ll probably come away with five different answers. While Instagram allows up 30 hashtags per post, there is no official word from the platform about the best number. But there has been some research suggesting that the optimal number is 11.

How to find the best fitness hashtags

If you’re struggling to come up with great hashtags, Instagram can help. Just type a keyword into the search box, like #gym. Instagram will immediately create a list of suggestions below the box.

From #gym, which has 200 million posts, you’ll find #gymshark (9 million posts), #gymgirl (6 million posts), #gymlifestyle (2.6 million posts), and #gymworkouts (510,000 posts).

This hack makes it a snap to find less competitive hashtags that are related to popular, obvious hashtags.

Why use fitness hashtags on Instagram?

Fitness nuts don’t just use Instagram to share their successes. Research has actually found that people enjoy finding and following new brands on Instagram. Not only that, but 90% of people buy from companies they follow on social media

With more than a billion users on Instagram each month, this is a market with an enormous amount of potential. So it’s worth putting the time into developing a powerful hashtag strategy for your business. 

People want to find your business. Help them do that by using the best fitness hashtags.

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