Build a powerful Instagram hashtag strategy for your floral business

Business is booming on Instagram. Small businesses in a variety of niches are finding success on the platform by targeting their audiences, attracting followers and increasing conversions.

The evidence isn’t just anecdotal, either. Research has shown that people are increasingly looking to Instagram to interact with their favorite brands and find new ones to fall in love with. 

And your small floral business could be next.

This potential market is nothing short of enormous. Instagram counts more than a billion users on Instagram each month. Not only that, but one study found that 90% of respondents like to buy from companies they follow on social media

There’s room here for you, too. You just have to drop the breadcrumbs so that platform users can find you. And the best way to do this is to develop an effective Instagram hashtag strategy for your floral business.

Top wedding florist hashtags you need to be using

Let’s get you started with some popular floral business hashtags:


Brides are absolutely stalking these hashtag pools for inspiration in planning their weddings. Using these popular tags will help your business gain visibility, but you can also get lost in the shuffle. So you also have to harness some hashtags that aren’t insanely competitive.

How to find the best event florist hashtags

Not sure how to go about finding those less competitive hashtags? No problem.

Instagram actually helps you do this. Just input a hashtag into the search box, and watch as the platform creates a list of suggestions. It also includes the number of posts associated with each tag right there in the list, which saves you the trouble of clicking through to see how competitive each tag is.

When you type #weddingflowers, which has more than 6.5 million posts, Instagram will suggest #weddingflowersdecor (160,000 posts), #weddingflowersinspiration (61,000 posts), and #weddingflowersideas (4,500 posts).

Repeat this process a few times, and you can find all the hashtags you need in just a few minutes! Also, looking at other posts with the searched hashtag can help you find more relevant ones as well!

How many flower hashtags do I need, anyways?

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. Guidance varies on the best number of hashtags to use, though one study found that 11 is the ideal number.

Make your floral business easy to find

As an event floral business, your customers are going to be mostly local. So you should help them find you by using some hashtags that are location-specific. This is as easy as adding your city name to a popular hashtag. For example, #weddingflowerslondon has 3,000 posts and #weddingflowerssydney has 10,000 posts. 

With a little research, you can come up with a slate of hashtags that will help drive people to your profile, increase your following, and boost your conversions. 

Your future customers are out there. Help them find you by using the top floral hashtags. 

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