The best hashtags to grow your real estate business on Instagram

Instagram was made for real estate businesses like yours. The same filters that make a piece of avocado toast look like a plate from a Michelin-starred restaurant can amp up the appeal of that cute little bungalow you just listed.

But knowing how to curate an enticing Instagram feed is only one part of the equation. You have to attract an audience to view and engage with it. And there’s no better way to do that than with the best Instagram hashtags for your real estate business.

Tap the market with the best real estate hashtags

Instagram is an incredibly concentrated source of potential customers. According to various reports, the platform has over one billion monthly users and more than one-third of American adults have accounts. Studies also show that consumers enjoy discovering new brands and engaging with them on the platform. In short, they want to find you!

So how do you make yourself discoverable?

This one is simple: Choose the most effective hashtags to promote your real estate company.

And, the best part is that you can use this Instagram hashtag strategy on both still posts and video posts! Not sure how to get started with video posts? Check out our Instagram video ad maker to help promote your business on Instagram.

The best real estate hashtags to use

There are many very popular real estate hashtags. Lots of people are using them—and lots of people are searching them. These aren’t necessarily the tags that are going to get you noticed, because they’re just too competitive. However, they’re a perfect place to start your search. 

Here are a few examples:


Some of these hashtags are huge—#realestate already has 46 million posts. You might not want to bother with that one, but Instagram offers a nifty built-in way to use it to find less competitive hashtags. And the less competitive hashtags are the ones with potential for you to get noticed.

Target your audience with real estate hashtags

When you type a hashtag into the Instagram search box, the platform will give you predictive suggestions along with the number of posts that already appear in that pool. If you type #realestateagent (11 million posts), for example, Instagram will immediately suggest #realestateagentlife (118,000 posts), #realestateagentsofinstagram (13,000 posts), and #realestateagentsydney (3,900 posts).

This last example brings us to our next point: You can further target your audience by using your location. People searching for #realestateagentsydney are probably looking for a real estate agent in Sydney. With a relatively small hashtag pool, there are fewer potential customers, but those people are more likely to need your services.

If you have a specialty, you can use it in your hashtag is well. For example, #vacationhomes has 156,000 posts. You can also further narrow by location: #vacationhomesorlando has 22,000 posts.

Instagram is a marketplace you should not ignore. Take some time to develop a strong real estate hashtag strategy to make the most of it. When you identify and use the best hashtags, you can attract followers, increase engagements and conversions, and watch your small business grow.

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