Instagram Video Length: How Long Can My Instagram Video Be?

Most people know that video is crucial for your Instagram success, and we’re here to give you all of the tips to navigate the Instagram video length rules so that you can post the perfect video.

Why is social media video so important in the year 2020? The amount of time people spend watching videos on Instagram has increased by more than 80% in the past year! As there are over 1 billion people on Instagram, you can imagine the potential reach your Instagram video marketing can have.

While, yes, there are tons of rules for the length and type of Instagram videos allowed, don’t worry– we’ve got you covered! We compiled a comprehensive guide to Instagram video, including tips on video length limitations, formatting, and the best ways to publish your finished product. These tips will get your Instagram video marketing on the right track.

Every Type of Instagram Video Length:

  1. Instagram Stories: The limit for Instagram Stories is 15 seconds, but if your clip is longer, you can split it up into multiple 15 second sections. You can do this easily using an app like Enlight Videoleap and then post the clips consecutively to seamlessly create a longer Story.
  2. Instagram Live: Instagram Live can be up to an hour long. However, similarly to Stories, if you need longer than an hour, you can record a new Live video immediately after the first.
  3. Instagram Feed: Videos published in your Instagram feed that can range from 3-60 seconds long.
  4. IGTV Video: Videos have become so popular that in 2018 Instagram launched a separate app for creating vertical (and now also horizontal!) videos called IGTV. IGTV lets you record videos as short as 15 seconds and up to 1 hour long, which gives its users more flexibility to pre-record longer videos. Instagram has said that it plans to eventually remove this time limit for IGTV.

How to Make your Video Length Match Instagram Policy

The tricky part with Instagram videos is making sure that the length of your video matches Instagram’s strict length limitations. It can be frustrating to work hard on a video only to discover that it cannot be uploaded to Instagram because it is a second too long.

We’ve all been there, so we have a few tips on how to create videos with the perfect Instagram size:

My Instagram video is too long:

  • First, it is definitely important to note that Instagram itself actually lets you crop your video before posting.
  • However, if you’d rather not delete any of your video footage, consider splicing it up into smaller clips and then turn the one video into a carousel video post.  The carousel creates a series of videos that can be viewed one after another by swiping through. Carousels can be up to 10 minutes long, so it gives you a lot more length flexibility.
  • Once you’ve spliced your video into shorter clips, use a video maker app, such as VideoBoost, to add text, music, and templates to create a unique and professional video.

My Instagram video is too short:

  • If your Instagram video is too short to hit the Instagram minimum, try turning it into a slow-motion video or adding an intro frame of text to lengthen your clip. You can also try adding a loop to your clip to add length.
  • Our overall view is that there are tons of ways to make your video fit within Instagram’s standards, so it’s best to focus on creating the videos you think are best and adjust after.
  • Once you’ve finished your Insta friendly video, make sure to keep an eye on the posting time – this can make a huge difference in your engagement! Happy filming!

Of course, don’t forget to pay attention to when you upload your IG videos. Knowing when to publish your Instagram video can be a big difference maker.

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