Video Marketing Resources

Our Very Own Video Marketing Guides for 2020:

The VideoBoost App team went ahead and compiled a few awesome video marketing guides for business owners to take advantage of. Online video marketing can help raise your business to new heights – check out our video marketing guides made super easy just for you:

  • Why is Video so Effective in Marketing? Local businesses can really raise their ROI by simply adding video into their marketing strategies. Read to see why every smart company is flocking to video in 2020.
  • How Much Should You Budget for Video Marketing? Video Marketing is slowly taking over marketing budgets as companies realize the value of video marketing in terms of reach and visibility. We break down the best way for you to budget your costs.
  • How to Make a Video Advertisement for Your Small Business: Now that you appreciate the importance and effectiveness of video marketing for any small or medium sized business, read our guide for how to go ahead and create an actual video advertisement. We offer you the tips, tools, and strategies for your video ad to be hugely effective.
  • How Do I Get Video Ads On My Website?: Adding video advertisements to your website might not be the easiest task. Read our guide on the technical steps required to implement and publish video ads on your site.
  • Mobile Video Advertising: A Guide for 2020: Mobile video advertising is bigger than ever, and video is no longer relegated to TV and computers. Read our awesome and details guide on the state of mobile video ads, strategies, examples, trends, and much more!
  • Hotel Video Marketing Guide: Read our guide on how to market your hotel with video marketing. Our 2020 guide includes hotel video marketing strategies, successful hotel video marketing campaigns, and additional tips and tools for your bootstrapped hotel video marketing campaign to succeed!
  • Real Estate Video Marketing Guide: Gain the upper hand in your real estate business with our video marketing guide for real estate video and digital strategy. With tips, tools, statistics, and service guides, Swish wants to help your online video strategy skyrocket your real estate business in 2020!
  • Dental Video Marketing Guide: Boost your dental practice with our 2020 guide for dental video marketing. Find new customers and reach a wider audience by employing various video techniques which will raise your dental business visibility online!
  • Yoga Video Marketing Guide:  Yoga is an untapped industry when it comes to creating and utilizing yoga videos for marketing purposes: read our guide on how to craft an awesome yoga video marketing strategy for 2020, including both macro and technical recommendations.
  • Law Firm Video Marketing Guide: Most people don’t associate law firms with video marketing, but there is definitely an opening here to push your law firm forward with lawyer video marketing – read our guide for awesome video marketing tips to propel your law firm into more visibility and business!
  • Restaurant Video Marketing Guide: Running a restaurant is a tough business, and marketing can be even harder. That is why video marketing for your restaurant can give you a leg up on your competition and reach new audiences not seen before. Check it out here!
  • Non-Profit Video Marketing Guide: Non-profits are in the business of getting donations, and a video marketing strategy can go a long way toward this. Read more about how to garner visibility toward your non-profit via non-profit video marketing strategies.
  • Video Marketing Guide for Insurance Agents: Though insurance companies are not known for video marketing, there is definitely an opening for an edge for any small or medium sized insurance business owner or agent to create some awesome promo videos to get more visibility and customers.
  • Video Marketing Guide for Accountants: Accountants aren’t known for splashy video marketing materials, but don’t think they can’t help either! Take your local accounting business to the next level with our accounting video marketing guide.

Keep a look out for this page as we continue to add more resources, tips, guides, and anything else we can think of to try and help your business benefit from the vast world of video marketing.