Content Strategy for Small Business Marketing

Launched in 2012, Medium has about 625,000 active users and is largely untapped by brand marketing, making it an excellent opportunity for brands that produce content with real value.

Medium is unique in its algorithm and system of ranking content according to quality as opposed to the existing popularity of the contributor. Rather than focusing on the number of clicks, Medium’s algorithm prioritizes the ratio of clicks to reads and reads to recommendations using the “recommend” option at the end of each article, leveling the playing field for contributors who have a smaller following or who don’t post clickbait. It also makes chronological order a secondary factor.

Frequent posting will increase your chances of attracting followers from your target audience, but it’s not a requirement for getting your content front and center, which brands typically pay top dollar for.

Getting your branded content on Medium with a well-researched social media content strategy will enable your brand to reach a vast, targeted audience with an increased chance of conversion. You can sign up by linking to your personal or business Twitter account and personalize your profile to link back to your website.

What to Post on Medium

Because Medium rewards quality, the best approach is to create or share your best content. Republishing content from your blog or website on Medium allows you to reach readers that you might not have access to otherwise. Create a collection for a theme relevant to your business and/or a brand collection that will draw readers into your brand. You can also publish visual content rather than textual articles.

Marketers report a higher conversion from Medium traffic, so be sure to link back to your website on your profile and in your content. You can also include CTAs where appropriate and recommend posts that are related to your industry. You’ll get the best performance from content that’s engaging, interesting, and valuable to readers.

Design for Dummies

Another unique feature of Medium is its user interface. Formatting is more controlled than elsewhere on the web, making it easy to personalize but difficult to mess up. The editor looks like the version that readers will see, which is a significant upgrade for those who aren’t exactly proficient in page design. The results are beautiful and simple and don’t distract from the value of the content. The platform allows you to invite team members to edit your post before it’s published and share feedback in Notes, a major convenience for productivity.

Create a Calendar and Start Posting on

For any content strategy, it’s a good idea to create a content calendar. Do some research in your market, your existing content, and your competition’s content to determine what your audience is most engaged by.

Checking out Medium’s most successful content in your industries will provide major insights. Do a brain dump of content ideas, refine them, and get them on your calendar. Then schedule time to create your content in batches (content batching) and upload it to a content scheduler that will post automatically according to your schedule.

Medium provides analytics that make it easy to assess what type of content works best on their platform for your audience so you can tailor your content strategy on the fly.

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