StoryBoost: One of Apple’s Best Apps of 2019 for Storytelling

StoryBoost was recognized as part of Apple’s Best of 2019 Trends of the Year! This year, Apple focused on the phenomenon of storytelling that helped define our culture in 2019. StoryBoost was recognized as a stand-out app that’s innovating the way that brands and individuals tell Stories on social media.

But what’s so different about StoryBoost and how are we redefining storytelling? We’re committed to setting new Story trends and making current social media trends more accessible to you. Here’s what we mean:

1. We have a Trends Team. You read that right — StoryBoost has a team whose express purpose is to research both design and social media trends so that you don’t have to. Every single day a team of content creators, copywriters, and social media experts are looking for what’s hot right now when it comes to everything from graphic styles to trending hashtags.

All of that research is built into our Story templates, and we add new ones every few weeks. This way, our users know that using our templates means that, by definition, they’re telling their stories in a way that inspires and engages.

2. Unique Story experiences with no design skills required. In our initial research, we found out that big brands were paying expensive agencies to design Stories that were different from the usual tap tap tap experience. And smaller brands and Instagram users in general were out of luck when it came to standing out in a sea of Stories.

After a lot of brainstorming, our team developed a page-to-page animations feature that delivers a viewing experience previously only available to brands with big budgets or professionals skilled in AfterEffects. Now, brands of all sizes and Instagram users in general can add animations between pages within their Stories to create a beautiful effect that keeps their followers tapping through to the end.

3. Templates categorized by the latest design trends. If you’re not a designer, you’re not necessarily up on the latest design trends, but the StoryBoost team knows that brands and individuals can really benefit from Stories that are in line with what’s trendy.

Our designers and product managers put their heads together and categorized templates by the latest design trends. Inside the app, you’ll find categories like Minimalist, Modern, Vintage, and Retro. You can search for templates by specific design styles that are currently trending right within the app.

We’re honored to be recognized by Apple, and this is just the beginning of the StoryBoost journey to redefine storytelling and stretch the boundaries of what’s possible for brands and individuals to create right from their phones.

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