The Best Fonts to Use for Your Advertisements

Sometimes it can seem like everyone you know has a surprisingly strong opinion about fonts, especially as it pertains to video advertisements.

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The discussion about the best fonts continues across industries and mediums, with every sector trying to uncover the fonts that its audience will respond to best.

It doesn’t take a graphic design to learn which fonts are most effective. However, if you’re coming at advertising from a non-design background choosing the right font can be tricky.

After all, a font is so much more than the letters it depicts. Fonts are just as integral to your ad’s branding and success as flashier components like images and sound.

Are you new to the wide world of fonts? We’ve got you covered. Below is our top pick of the best fonts to use for advertising – and why.

Freeware Fonts for Advertisements:

Here are 2 great fonts for your ads and they won’t cost you a penny!

Sonder Sans

With both serif and sans serif versions, Sonder Sans is the throwback font you never new existed but now desperately need to have.

If your products are vintage or if you’re planning on shooting a vintage-style video ad, Sonder Sans typeface can round out the overall antique vibe you’re trying to create.

Check out Sonder Sans font display at Behance


If you want to go all-caps, you can’t go wrong with Cunia. This sans serif typeface’s bold letterings are slightly rounded for a loud yet not overwhelming effect.

As a fun font that doesn’t scrimp on elegance, Cunia is a good choice. Plus, the font’s thick, simple lettering shows up well on different backgrounds, including the fast-moving background of a video ad.

Check out Cunia font display at Behance

Commercial Fonts for Advertisements

If you have some budget, check out these 2 commercial fonts below that are a great fit for any ad:


Graceful. Definitive. Authoritative. This Slab Serif font has it all. If your marketing team is trying to position you as an industry leader, Sentinel has the lettering to make your brand seem legit.

Sentinel pairs especially well with video ads explaining concepts that consumers might struggle with, such as insurance or accounting.

With Sentinel, you broadcast clarity – hopefully your video ad content can keep up with the font!

Check out Sentinel fonts over at

Hipster Script Pro

Cursive isn’t dead – it’s still widely used in advertising. You can opt for cursive fonts like Hipster Script Pro to tell a humorous, funky story while signaling to your viewers that you put a lot of thought into your ad.

Just like every specimen of cursive handwriting is special, using Hipster Script Pro sets your brand apart as funky, innovative, and personable.

Check out Hipster Script font over at

Which font is best for your video ad?

The right font really depends on what message you want to send your customers and what associations you want them to have with your brand.

No matter which font you choose, you should always think about how your font will fit in with your branding to create a more complete image. Look for the font that brings out the best of your company and and has your viewers reaching for their wallets.

Feel free to check out this fun video on 10 other popular fonts that designers love:

How to Use Boosted to Identify the Right Font for a Video Ad

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect font for your video ad, our handy online video maker can help. Boosted has an expansive selection of fonts that you can browse quickly and easily while putting together your masterpiece.

Simply create an account, log in and choose a template that has been designed specifically for your industry—or make your own from scratch.

In the editor screen, you’ll see the “Fonts” button at the bottom of the left-hand menu. Clicking this will bring up Boosted’s fonts library. Then you can hover over each font to see what it would look like in your video.

Choosing Between the 5 Font Types for Your Video Ad

There are 5 main font types that you can feature as part of your visual brand identity—and the Boosted library has all of them!

  • Serif: This is the traditional type of font that has small strokes, known as serifs, that extend from the main stroke of each letter. Serif fonts project an elegance and timelessness that works well for luxury or experienced brands. A couple of good examples in Boosted would be Scope One and Merriweather.
  • Sans-Serif: These fonts are clean, modern, and simple. They feature a main character without any decorative finishing strokes, just like the name suggests. If you want your brand to appear youthful, casual, and relatable, you could use Boosted’s sans-serif fonts such as OpenSans and Montserrat.
  • video ad fonts
  • Slab Serif: Slab serif fonts are a bit more blocky and squared off than conventional serif fonts. They’re ideal for brands who want to make a bold statement while maintaining the modern, ageless appeal of a serif font. If this sounds like a good fit, you can use Boosted’s Archivo and PaytoneOne fonts.
  • Script: Script fonts mimic handwritten lettering. They can be cursive, which makes them a little difficult to read for large walls of text. However, for headings and logos, they can look formal and sophisticated or informal and trendy depending on which one you choose. Check out Lobster or Caveat in the Boosted app to see for yourself.
  • Decorative: Decorative fonts are similar to script fonts in the sense that they have a more limited range of use. That said, because of their custom graphic elements and unique designs, they can make your brand stand out for all the right reasons. Some fun examples in the Boosted app include the western-style Bernier and Black Ops One, which has a futuristic feel.

video ad fonts

Your selection should be based on what makes sense for your business in accordance with your branding and campaign goals.

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