How to Use My Brand Colors in My Video Ad?

According to Wyzowl, the number of brands using video as a marketing tool has increased by 41% since 2016.  

That said, in a busy and crowded marketplace, how do you get your video ads to stand out from the competition?

Once you have chosen your advertisement video maker (we recommend using Boosted!), the answer here is to make your colors unique to your business. In other words, they should tie in with your visual brand identity and feature your logo, fonts, and color palette. You want your customers to see your colors and immediately associate them with your brand!

This will create a cohesive brand experience online for your target audience, thus building awareness, recognition, and loyalty.

3 Ways to Use Your Brand Colors in Your Video Ad

Speaking of your brand colors, there are three key ways you can implement them into every promo video you create.

1. Background

Firstly, the easiest way to integrate a hue from your brand color palette is through your video’s background.

Whether you prefer to adapt the background of each frame to your signature color or alternate each frame’s background with your three key hues, the choice is yours.

Either way, using Boosted’s online video maker allows you to change your video background color quickly and easily. 

Just click the “Palette” button down the left-hand side. You can then edit the hues in the current palette to align with your own by inputting the specific hex codes.

video ad brand colors

2. Fonts

Alongside your video background, you can alter the fonts to match your brand colors.

Tip: Make sure that your font hue for a particular frame complements your background hue so that it’s eye-catching yet easy to read. And check out our guide on the best fonts for your video ads.

In the Boosted app, click the text on the frame to bring up the text box customization options where you can change the color accordingly.

video ad brand colors

3. Imagery

Lastly, you can use your brand colors in your video ad through the imagery.

Say the signature color for your clothing business is green. You can incorporate this hue alongside your video background and fonts through an image of one of your models in a green dress, for example.

When you use Boosted’s online video maker, you can select the image you want to replace in the frame. Then you have two options:

  • Pick an alternative from our premium stock library in partnership with Pixabay
  • Upload your own from your computer files

You can also filter any footage you integrate into your video content so that it falls in line with your brand aesthetic.

video ad brand colors

How to Use the Color Palette Tool With Boosted

To save you time and energy in the long run, Boosted allows you to create your brand color palette within the app.

All you need to do is find the “My Brand” tab at the top and click into it.  Select your custom colors by clicking the little plus sign. Here, you can input your specific hex codes. 

video ad brand colors

Once this has been done, every time you click onto the “Palette” button on the left-hand menu in the editor screen, your brand color palette will show. Then you just have to click it to apply it to your template. Simple!

video ad brand colors

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