Get Playful with Sports and Fitness Video Templates

Boosted is the only app built to harness the full potential of your favorite social media platforms. Make stunning sports video ads that will turn your followers into customers with these sports and fitness video templates.

Social media is a growing marketplace. Studies show that consumers like to discover and interact with their favorite brands on the same platforms where they also connect with friends and family. Your business needs a strong presence on those platforms.

And there’s no better way to build that presence than with Boosted, the only video-making app that incorporates social media best practices. Boosted takes the guesswork out of making ads that connect and convert.

You won’t find this wide array of professional sports and fitness video templates anywhere else. The sports and fitness video templates make creating compelling ads effortless, so you can use your time wisely and get back to running your business.

Want to get started? First, simply choose a template. Use the recommended videos and photos, or browse the included Getty Images library to find something perfect for your brand. Keep the suggested music or select from dozens of other options. Or, start from scratch and upload your own media. You can be as creative—or as efficient—as you need to be.

Then, customize colors and fonts to match your brand, and don’t forget your logo! With Boosted, you can also resize your videos effortlessly. A few clicks later, share them directly to all your social media channels, right from the app.

Use these sports and fitness video templates to make sale and discount videos, introduce new products, make tutorials and skills demos, and much more. Share your ads on platforms including Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

With Boosted, your options are limited only by your imagination. Get started now to grow your audience, engage your followers and, well, boost your conversions and revenue!

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