Video Advertising for Small Business

Small businesses didn’t always need video advertising, but in today’s day and age in which video is omnipresent, it is a must-have. Video advertising for small business is here to stay in 2021 and beyond. To capitalize, check out Boosted’s advertisement video maker app to create awesome video ads for your biz.

Two prevailing trends have converged to make this the age of small business. On one hand, more and more entrepreneurs are ready to be their own boss and take business into their own hands. At the same time, consumers, and millennial consumers in particular, are willing to spend more to support small businesses and the personalized experiences they offer.

No matter what your target audience is and what their current attitude towards SMBs is, small businesses can use smart marketing techniques to hook new fans and drive conversions. One marketing vector that SMBs can no longer afford to ignore is video marketing. Video marketing can be extremely effective for any small or medium sized business.

Video ads win big where text and image formats can’t, generating more leads, increasing brand awareness and engaging users for longer than their static counterparts. You don’t have to access an endless pool of money; there are several steps you can take to make the perfect video ad for your business.

5 Ways on how to make an effective video ad for your small business:

Small businesses that are otherwise social media savvy can be scared off by the prospect of venturing into video ads. However, while video ads do require a commitment of time and resources, the investment is critical at this point: by 2021, video is projected to account for 82% of all internet traffic. For small businesses that are willing to take the video ad plunge, there are simple steps they can take to ensure their video marketing reaches its potential:

  1. Use a great app. Boosted has an awesome promo video maker app which is the perfect tool to create small business video ads. Do things like add your logo to video, edit, and add music with just a few taps on your phone.
  2. Plan for the Platform. Not all video content platforms are created equal, and you should tailor your videos, from length to style, to the social media platform you’re posting on.  Similarly, using analytics can show you the platforms your target audiences are using to optimize your strategy. 
  3. Get to the point quickly. Humans now have a shorter attention span that goldfish, and unsurprisingly about 20% of viewers abandon videos within the first ten seconds of watching. Keep your videos short, and get their attention from the start with a catchy hook.
  4. Don’t be humble. Video ads are where you get to showcase how unique and special your brand is by utilizing a combination visual and audio storytelling. Show the best parts of your business and grab your viewers’ attention.
  5. Motivate your viewers to become leads with a CTA. Once you’ve got them hooked, help viewers engage further with your brand by adding a call to action at the end of the video that will stick with them and encourage conversions.

5 Additional tips for your small business video advertisement

Small businesses are finding success with the ultra-short video ad format that social media viewers love. For example, UAE’s Washmen, an app-based laundry service, used humorous 6-7 second Facebook video ads to promote in-app purchases over a period of 7 months. During that time, the company saw a threefold increase in weekly signups, 70% of which came from the video ads.

However, consistent video ad wins don’t happen overnight, and you can tweak your narrative process to ensure videos are actually resonating with viewers:

  1. Don’t expect your video to be a catch-all. Choose one CTA to end your video ads with, and make sure it’s appropriate to your audience.
  2. A/B testing is important. Use different strategies and track their success. Finding the right combination can help you optimize your dollars spent.
  3. Optimize for mobile viewing. Mobile is quickly becoming the most popular device for video. Use mobile editing software to adjust your video’s dimensions for ideal vertical or horizontal viewing. Make sure you have an easy to use promo video maker app for your professional level video ad.
  4. Set KPIs. Deciding in advance what your video ad campaign’s goals are helps you map out how to reach these goals and to understand if your marketing is working.
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of fun. Telling captivating, fun stories about your brand can transform viewers into customers.

How to keep costs down for your video advertisement

Even if you’re on a tight marketing budget, videos can be a minor expense compared to the benefits. You can keep your video ventures within budget by getting your employees to act in the video instead of professionals or by going animated by subscribing to an affordable online animation platform.

Moreover, you can take advantage of a tool you likely have on you at all times anyway: your smartphone. As Apple’s long-running “Shot on an iPhone” campaign has demonstrated, smartphones can produce high quality videos. Thanks to innovative, budget-friendly mobile video editing software, small businesses can customize the videos they shoot with text, music, and effects that speak directly to their customers’ preferences.

Whether your small business is a fledgling startup or a beloved community landmark, creative video ads can help you grow your brand awareness, gain fans, and drive conversions.

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