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Use Our Online Marketing Video Maker to Create Stunning Ads for Your Biz

Boosted makes it simple to create stunning videos online, as well as iOS & Android that help you build your brand or business.

We’re the first free online video maker with built-in social media best practices, content that helps you turn your followers into customers, and high-quality design.

Used Boosted’s marketing video maker to create professional video ads in under 3 minutes all in your browser.

Using an online video ad maker for your biz is as easy as these three steps:


Choose a top-quality template or start from scratch

We have video templates that you won’t see anywhere else to help you do everything from engaging your social followers to creating eye-catching video ads and marketing videos for your brand’s social. If you’re feeling creative, you can also use our simple tools to create your own video ad from scratch.


Use our stock clips that match your business type or use your own

Get access to Getty Images from within our online video ad maker or add your own photos and videos to give a more personal touch. Either way, you’ll be amazed by what kind of video you can make and what it can do for your marketing.


Customize text, colors, and music to match your brand

Within a few minutes or less, you can make your video ad or marketing video on-brand and ready to go. Use our custom color palettes, choose our music or yours, and upload your logo for a final touch. If you wondered how to make a video for your marketing, wonder no more, Boosted makes it simple.

Why use a marketing video maker for your biz?

Video gets more engagement than any other content type on social media and has a tremendous amount of influence on purchasing decisions.

We tend to think of video as a big ticket item only possible for brands with big budgets, but with an online marketing video maker, it’s within the reach of any small business.

In 2021, small business owners and marketing managers are busier than ever. That is why we created Boosted, one of the best marketing video makers for creating video ads and videos for businesses who don’t have time or budget for expensive video marketing agencies.

And for business owners and marketing managers who spend more of their time behind a computer, we have an online version as well. Use Boosted’s online marketing video maker to create video ads and marketing videos just as easily as one can on mobile.

Get on top of your social media marketing with marketing videos

At Boosted, we know that it’s hard to stay on top of your social media marketing when you’re busy running a small business, but using an online video maker for marketing right on your phone or computer makes creating engaging content the simplest thing on your to-do list.

Creating video ads & marketing videos on web in your browser will help elevate your social presence, & lead to more views, clicks, engagement, & ultimately new customers. Until recently, social media video ad creation was limited to expensive tools and experts, but Boosted helps you create professional video ads & marketing videos  in just a few clicks!

You can use Boosted for many other types of video ads, including: restaurants, educational, festivals, musicians, medical, gaming, anniversaries, romance, as well as brand messaging, logo video making, or a simple video maker with music & pictures; either way, Boosted has you covered.

3 Marketing Video Maker Tips

You Have Five Seconds

Many of your viewers are going to click off your video in less than ten seconds. Keep them watching by creating a video introduction that grabs their attention and makes them curious about what’s going to happen next.

Tell a Good Story

People, especially millennials, don’t want to be marketed to. Instead of focusing on making a sale, focus on making a video by telling a story that people want to watch. Get your audience interested in the value of your product or service by showing them the fun, health, happiness, or quality of life that it can give them – all done easily with Boosted’s video maker.

Do Not Be Boring

The most popular genre of video online is not marketing. It’s comedy. Inspirational video is also well-received. When people watch videos online they want to laugh and cry and learn. Incorporating entertainment value or interesting news into making your videos can give you a big boost in viewing metrics.

Ready-To-Go Marketing Video Templates

Use Multiple Video Clips, Music, & More

Getty Images Stock Library for Online Video Making

Easy Marketing Video Maker Customization

High-Quality Marketing Design

Trendy and Effective Video Content

3 Online Video Maker Ad Ideas


Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonial videos are one of the most effective marketing tactics in use today because they change the dynamic from a brand approaching a consumer to a consumer sharing an experience with a peer. This new approach generates trust much faster than a brand can achieve by telling consumers to trust them.


Product Ads

If your business is product-focused, you will need an easy to use marketing video maker to push your product with sleek video ads, whether its for Amazon, Shopify, or any eCommerce biz.



Sharing a behind-the-scenes look at your brand brings viewers into your inner circle, making them feel like they have a deeper understanding or superior knowledge of your products and services. Making BTS videos  can help generate trust, brand awareness, and consumer connection with an audience that shares your values.