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Showcase Your Amazon Merchandise and Increase Purchases Through Moving Pictures

Want to make the best first impression with your Amazon target audience?

Boosted has the answer with our free Amazon video ad maker which features alluring templates that will elevate your brand from the competition. In just a couple of minutes, you can create an ad that is engaging, clickable, and shareable.

Dominate the market and design dynamic Amazon ads in 3 simple steps:


Decide on a template

Choose from a curation of templates organized by niche that will capture the attention of your target audience. Alternatively, you can put together your own from scratch.


Access our exclusive stock image library

We have partnered with Getty Images to offer our subscribers access to superior stock photos and videos. You can also upload your own material to make your content entirely unique.


Coordinate the text, colors, and music with your branding

Each template is fully customizable so it falls in line with your visual branding in terms of fonts, colors, and filters. You can even add your logo before uploading it directly to social media or saving it for later.

Attract and engage your ideal audience with Amazon advertising videos

Social media is an effective way to execute your marketing strategy as a small Amazon seller with a limited budget. Even so, given the sheer amount of businesses on each platform, your content runs the risk of getting lost in the crowd.

That’s why you need Boosted. By crafting compelling videos from ready-to-go templates that build in social media best practices, you will reach your target audience, nurture them, and ultimately see sales skyrocket.

Three Ways to Be Memorable with Our Amazon Ad Video Maker

  1. Use high-quality product imagery. Include product and lifestyle shots in your promotional videos so that your consumers know exactly what they’d be purchasing. Ensure that all footage has been captured using a decent camera, is in focus, and has good lighting to demonstrate professionalism.
  2. Add text where it matters. Less is often more when it comes to putting text on product videos. Use it purely to communicate the finer details like benefits, where to buy, and discount codes.
  3. Complement your visuals with sound. Music can create an immersive experience for your viewer and enhance allegiance, whether you choose a song from Boosted’s integrated library or upload your own audio.

3 Amazon Ad Video Maker Tips

Mix It Up

Don’t just stick to one type of Amazon video ad. Stop your audience from scrolling by putting out ads that aren’t just promotional—they also entertain, educate, and inspire. 

Get Started Quickly

Hook your viewer within the first three seconds or get swiped. Use the best part of your Amazon ad content in the beginning of your video ad to make it intriguing to watch.

Switch Your Camera Angles

Amazon product videos can sometimes end up being one-dimensional. Experiment with effects, zoom, and text for visual stimulation.

Ready-To-Go Video Templates

Use Multiple Video Clips, Music, & More

Getty Images Stock Library for Video Making

Easy Video Maker Customization

High-quality Design

Trendy and Effective Video Content

3 Amazon Video Ad Ideas for Product-Based Businesses


Pack an Order With Me

Take your followers behind the scenes of your brand and build trust by illustrating how you would pick and pack a typical order. This type of Amazon product video ad allows you to show off your inventory while appealing to consumers on a personal level.


User-Generated In Action

Grab the permission of existing customers to add content they’ve created featuring your product to your Amazon branded marketing videos. This is called “social proof” which is known to have a snowball effect on engagement metrics.


Customer Testimonial

Film a video in an interview format where previous buyers talk about their experiences with your brand. This positive word-of-mouth transforms your Amazon consumer into a warm lead and boosts the likelihood of them becoming a paying customer.