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Develop a Content Strategy That Sells All From Your Android Device

Want to build a successful brand and get noticed online? Capitalize on the phenomenon of video marketing with mesmerizing ads that attract and engage your target audience.

Boosted makes it simple with our free video maker app that is user-friendly for all Android devices, whether you have a Google Pixel, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy, or Huawei.

Unleash your inner creative and produce powerful Android videos in just 3 steps:


Pick a template to suit your needs

We have a diverse and dynamic range of video templates that have been curated exclusively for our subscribers. Alternatively, if you have an eye for design, you can make your own from scratch.


Gain access to a high-quality stock library

We have partnered with Getty Images to offer professional-level photos and video footage from within the Boosted app. You can even upload and integrate your own material to add individuality.


Adapt the text, colors, and music to streamline the aesthetic

Each of our templates can be customized to align with your visual branding in terms of your logo, fonts, and color palette. You can then publish it directly to social media or save it to your gallery for a later date.

Accelerate brand awareness and revenue with advertising videos for Android

Social media is a valuable tool for new and small businesses who are trying to maximize their online impact on a minimal budget. Although, given that everybody has the same idea, how are you supposed to elevate your brand among the competition?

That’s where our video maker for Android comes in. By coming up with a series of pretty promotional ads which contain video content that specifically speaks to your target audience, you can generate buzz and grow views, clicks, and conversions.

Three Ways to Excite and Entice with Our Android Video Maker

  1. Use eye-catching visuals. Serial scrollers need a reason to stop and watch your video. By including premium imagery, you can create a great first impression that encourages lasting engagement.
  2. Don’t forget the sound. Choose songs from our music library or upload unique sound clips from Google Play to enhance the sensory experience of your marketing video. This will help you to effectively establish an emotional connection with your target audience.
  3. Add subtitles. A lot of Android users watch videos with their sound turned off, which means your video needs to make a statement either way. Subtitles are ideal for annotating the audio of your video, adding context, or communicating important details.

3 Video Maker Tips

Use a Hook

You have just a few seconds to grab attention before serial scrollers keep on doing their thing. Make the intro of your Android video interesting, entertaining and fun so they have no choice but to stick around.

Make Sure It Represents Your Brand

Your video ad will serve as an initial introduction to new members of your target audience so it needs to encapsulate the essence of your brand. Amend every aspect, including filters and effects, so that it sends the right message.

Optimize for Your Publishing Platform

Change your video dimensions at the click of a button to create the optimal viewing experience, from 16:9 for Facebook to 1:1 for your Instagram feed.

Ready-To-Go Video Templates

Use Multiple Video Clips, Music, & More

Getty Images Stock Library for Video Making

Easy Video Maker Customization

High-quality Design

Trendy and Effective Video Content

3 Video Maker Ideas


Your Brand Story

Tell the story of your brand and how you got into business from the founder’s perspective to build recognition and trust.



Invite your ideal consumer to “a day in the life” of your brand. This will help them to better understand your values and products or services.


Trending Sounds

Use the sounds that are currently trending on Reels or Tik Tok to boost the virality potential of your Android video and gain more traction.