Video Maker for Anniversary

A simple-to-use anniversary video maker for online and mobile

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Make your anniversary memorable with a video full of love and joy

Want to put the biggest smile on your husband or wife’s face on your wedding anniversary?

Boosted is here for you as your video making BFF. Even if you’re not exactly tech-savvy, our app is user-friendly, intuitive, and creates flawless videos that are optimized for social media.

In other words, you can produce a mesmerizing moving picture that generates endless likes, shares, and comments.

Cheers to another awesome year of being together with this video maker for anniversaries in 3 straightforward steps:


Choose an anniversary video template

We have many different styles of video templates that can be customized to reflect both of your personalities, whether you’re a young and goofy couple or more serious and ambitious. From bold colors and upbeat music to classic hues and elegant music, each of our templates is designed to be attractive and make your spouse fall even more in love with you.


Take advantage of the sophisticated stock library

Being a part of the Boosted family means that you’ll have access to a Getty Images library of high-quality photos and images to elevate the look and feel of your anniversary video. Alternatively, you can upload and integrate your own original content to make it more personal.



Adapt text, colors and music

Spend some time changing the text, colors, music and filters of your anniversary video to align with what you think your spouse might appreciate the most. You can then upload it directly to Facebook or Instagram or save it to your phone library for a later date. Either way, it’s as easy as repeating your wedding vows after the officiant!


Renew your vows and reignite the spark in your relationship with our video maker for anniversaries

It’s difficult to find an anniversary gift that stands out from all the ones you’ve bought before. The longer you’ve been together, the more you’re expected to (sometimes literally) pull it out the bag the next year and keep levelling up your game. You want to show your spouse just how much you care but in a completely original way.

That’s where our video maker comes in. By crafting compelling anniversary videos, you can reminisce in newlywed bliss and cement your marital bond. It’s a unique concept for a gift that will impress not only your other half, but all of their loved ones too!

There are three choices of video you can create.

Short-form: This is usually 30 seconds of images and videos to send all your love, kisses and hugs virtually without taking too much time out of their day.

Long-form: This type of video can be anything from one minute to five minutes long if you want to tell the story of your relationship or deliver a public display of affection at a special event.

Animation: As quick as an anniversary balloon popping, this kind of video is an unconventional way of wishing your spouse a “happy anniversary” instead of just posting a still image on Facebook or Instagram.

Five Ways to Build an Anniversary Video You Both Adore

  1. Get creative. Have some fun with your anniversary video by pretending to be a film director. Think about how you can craft a short movie with a theme that represents your relationship, whether it’s based on emotion, playfulness, or longevity.
  2. Use eye-popping visuals. Don’t lose sight of the fact that this gift is for your husband or wife first and foremost. Stick to imagery, colors, and fonts that they’ll like to receive even more recognition for your efforts.
  3. Consider subtitles. Strengthen the story of your marriage by using subtitles alongside the visuals. Feature a range of quotes and anecdotes for the wow factor.
  4. Use music to convey the right mood. Pick a song from the Boosted library that ties in with the narrative of your anniversary video. Anything romantic would work quite well here!
  5. Include private material. Whether it’s a pet name or a story only the two of you know, include something intimate that makes your anniversary video feel even more special.

3 Anniversary Video Shooting Tips

Plan in Advance

If you want to shoot some new content in the run-up to your anniversary to include in your video, plan out what you need and how you’re going to capture it efficiently. You could even create a storyboard of each frame to help you visualize it using the Boosted templates.

Shoot in the Right Format

Consider the platform where you will publish your anniversary video before you shoot the content. Optimize your video for Facebook by shooting in the 16:9 landscape format or optimize it for Instagram Stories by shooting in the 9:16 portrait format.

Use a Decent Camera

To make a top-notch anniversary video, you need to use top-notch equipment. Avoid shooting original content with a broken camera or old phone. The best quality will come from the most up-to-date technology.

Easy-To-Build Anniversary Video Templates

Instant Access to a Diverse Music Library for Anniversary Videos

Multiple Stock Images and Videos From a Getty Images Library

Premium Anniversary Video Personalization

Simple Yet Effective Designs for Anniversary Videos

Modern Content That Serves as a Forever Reminder of Your Love

3 Popular Anniversary Video Types


The Slideshow

This type of anniversary video is mostly image-based consisting of your favorite photos of you and your spouse. Each “slide” can be still or have an animation effect to create a smooth transition between slides.


The Compilation

The compilation is typically made up of a series of videos and images in quick succession. It essentially resembles a collage of your marriage in video form to give you both major honeymoon vibes.


The Story

Like the compilation, this variation of video serves as a grand gesture for a big anniversary. The idea is to use images and videos to narrate the story of your relationship with your spouse from the beginning (how you met) to the end (where you are now). You can play on the emotion by adding tear-jerking or funny moments.