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Build awareness of your brand message online through memorable videos

Want to show your target audience everything your business is about, but not sure how?

Boosted has the solution with our free brand message video maker.

Our professional and awesome video maker is easy to use, edit, and optimized for social media, and each of our pre-made templates is designed to generate views and engagement.

Make an impact with our brand message video maker in 3 simple steps:


Pick a video template

Boosted subscribers have access to a variety of fully customizable video templates. Choose an option that aligns with your branding in terms of colors, fonts, and filters.


Integrate original or stock imagery

Add your logo and brand imagery to your template of choice to better communicate your brand message. Alternatively, you can make the most of Boosted’s Getty Images library of premium photography and video footage.


Adapt the text, music and effects

Change the text, music and effects in your video so that they’re cohesive with your brand message. Upload your creation straight to Facebook or Instagram or save it to your library for later in just a couple of convenient clicks.

Attract and engage your ideal audience with our brand message video maker

As one of the thousands of businesses trying to survive and thrive in the digital age, it can be challenging trying to communicate your key messages. Unless your target audience actively seeks out your “About Us” page, how are they supposed to know what you’re about and your unique value proposition?

That’s where our brand message video maker comes in. By creating bold videos that inform your audience in a clear and innovative way, it will help them to relate to your brand. It will inspire them, persuade them, and motivate them—and, ultimately, make them want to purchase your product.

Brand message videos usually fall into three categories.

Short-form: This tends to be around 30 seconds to a minute long; therefore, it needs to communicate your brand values succinctly to be successful.

Long-form: This style of video might be up to a few minutes long and tell more of a story around your brand.

Animation: This is a moving graphic that serves as a brand message teaser, given that it’s only a few seconds long.

Three Ways to Grow Your Brand Using Video

  1. Use high-quality visuals. This type of video effectively represents your brand so that you can make a great first impression with your target audience. Use awe-inspiring visuals that will stand out in someone’s news feed and keep them interacting with your content.
  2. Add valuable text. Use text to your advantage by allowing it to work alongside the visuals to communicate significant details, facts, and information. You could also add subtitles for the people who scroll through social media with their sound turned off.
  3. Consider background music. Music can elevate your video by helping to convey a certain mood in relation to your brand. Utilize its power to influence your viewer’s emotions and make them laugh or cry depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

3 Brand Message Video Maker Tips

Define Your Key Message(s)

Do you want to focus on one of your key messages in a particular video or more than one? What’s your end goal? How are you going to inspire your consumer to act? Planning out your video and doing all the hard thinking beforehand will allow you to be more productive and efficient during the creative process.

Optimize for Your Preferred Platform

Consider where you will post your brand message video so that you can optimize it accordingly. If you want to publish it on your Instagram feed, for example, amend the dimensions to the 1:1 square that works best for an Instagram feed post.

Include a Call-To-Action

Tell your viewer how you want them to interact with your brand further at the end of the video, whether it’s to comment their thoughts below or visit your website link for more details. This could then lead to increased engagement, sign-ups, and/or sales.

Straightforward-to-Use Brand Message Video Templates

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Effortless Customization Options

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3 Brand Message Video Ideas


The Fictional Story

This type of video focuses on made-up storytelling to communicate your brand message in a fun and unconventional way. It could be a standalone video or a series to encourage maximum engagement.


The Behind-the-Scenes

By including exclusive footage of genuine people that work hard behind the scenes, this style of video can help your audience to establish an emotional connection with your company. This emotional connection can then create trust, resulting in permanent and prosperous relationships.


The Documentary

This kind of video is typically cinematic and non-fictional featuring real and relatable people. However, it will still tell a strong story that has a long-lasting effect on the target audience.