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Corporate videos have a reputation for being lackluster and uninspiring, though it does not have to be that way.

Corporate video content is a super important part of your business strategy, and one that deserves time and consideration. But what if you don’t have the time or skills? That’s where Boosted’s corporate video maker comes in.

Designed for business owners, the easy-to-use web & desktop app can help you grow your business, with a host of tools to make professional corporate videos.

Create a Sleek Corporate Video in Under 3 Minutes:


Choose a Template

First of all, it’s time to choose a fitting professional template. There are hundreds of original themes available that you won’t find anywhere else. Even better – these can be personalised to create a bespoke look and feel that reflects your business.


Add Your Company's Message

Next, bring a professional veneer to your videos with titles, fonts, graphics and overlays, to create a sleek and glossy video. With access to Getty Images library of first-class photography, you’re never stuck for strong images. You’ll also stand out from the competition, with photography that’s striking, tells a story and connects with your customers and followers.


Finish, Upload and let it do the hard work…

One of the great aspects of Boosted is that it does all the heavy lifting for you. Once you’ve finished your video and it’s good to go, you can upload it directly to all your social media channels in just a few clicks. The onlink and mobile app allows you to format the video for each platform, ensuring you reach as many followers as possible, the right way.

Corporate Made Simple

Corporate video makers are in demand now. Why? Social media users love video content. Recent studies reveal that well over half of all consumers actually want to see content from the brands they like and follow.

If you want to be one of those brands, it’s time to upgrade your visual communications, and this all starts with a great corporate video maker.

How to create a corporate video is crucial for a business, and if executed correctly, your professional video campaigns will drive traffic, engage with users and give you the social boost you need.

You don’t have to be a marketer either. There’s plenty of opportunities you can tap into, here’s just a few ideas for corporate inspiration:

Show them your skills: Show off your skills as a business, or as a business leader to your audience. Corporate videos are all about demonstrating credibility, what better way than with a super simple professional corporate video maker?

How to videos: Use your colleagues and clients to show-off your business prowess with demonstration videos.

Drive sales: There’s always plenty of promotional opportunities you can optimize, by creating video content that drives awareness and consideration.

4 Tips for Great Corporate Video Content

Boosted makes corporate video marketing easy, with its straightforward tools, easy to use interface and intuitive features. If you’re looking for further inspiration, here’s four great ways to create corporate content that ranks in the professional video community.

1. Follow trends: Ensure you have opted for business accounts on social platforms. These will provide you with insights around your audience, from times to post, to hashtags to use. It’s a great way to monitor your content and continue to create corporate videos people want to see.

2. Caption with subtitles. As many as 85 per cent of Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off. For that reason it’s a wise idea to caption or subtitle your company’s corporate videos. It will increase dwell time and help get your company’s message across too.

3. The 30-second rule. With so much competition out there, it has never been more important to keep content short, brief and to the point. Keep your social corporate videos at 30 seconds for maximum engagement. The exception to the rule is platforms like LinkedIn which have a different audience skew.

4. Optimize hashtags. And finally, if you’re looking to find consumers in your niche, it’s a good idea to use the right hashtags, even for a corporation. On some platforms like Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags a post, so make sure you do your homework, it will pay off!

3 Corporate Video Maker Tips

To the Point

Focus on your objectives during the planning of your corporate video. Make it concise and to-the-point to keep viewers from getting bored and losing interest. Script and storyboard your video before production to make sure you have a strong and direct message and to cut down on production time to create some wiggle room in your budget.

Dress to Impress

Everything in your video is going to reflect on your brand. Consider your brand personality and make sure everything from your wardrobe to your location support your voice and values. Stage your settings to eliminate any conflicting materials or unintentional messaging.

Support Your Claims

Corporate videos often include powerful and compelling information, but if your brand doesn’t already have a widespread reputation for being knowledgeable and trustworthy, consumers won’t just take your word for it. Support your claims with facts and data to win your audience over.

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3 Corporate Video Maker Tips


About Your Company

While About Us pages do help increase conversion rates on your website, it can be difficult to get today’s audience to read through the content to get the whole picture of your brand. An About corporate video makes your message more digestible to get the same benefits from a wider audience.


Share Events

Corporate video is a great way to promote corporate events like conferences and team-building retreats. By giving your consumer audience and your employees a look at the activities, value, and connection available from the event, you can increase future attendance and improve your ROI.


Improve Your Recruiting

A company is only as good as the individuals it comprises. Corporate recruiting video can be an effective tool for improving your talent pool and delivering a positive message about your employee satisfaction, which can improve your reputation and the overall value of your company.