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Grow your Facebook audience & acquire new customers with Facebook video ads

Boosted’s Facebook video ad maker makes it super easy to create stunning Facebook ad videos that help you build your brand or business. Over 2 million businesses are using Boosted’s Facebook video ad maker app.

Our Facebook video maker is optimized for social media, and will help your page get more Facebook engagement in the form of likes, shares, comments, and eventually customers!

Using our Facebook video ad maker app for your business can be done in 3 easy steps:


Start with a simple Facebook ad video template

We have a huge collection of awesome Facebook-ready templates that you won’t find anywhere else. Our templates will help you craft shareable promo videos perfect for any Facebook audience, to help you do everything from engaging your Facebook followers to creating eye-catching ads. If you’re feeling creative, you can also use our simple tools to create your own Facebook video ad from scratch.


Utilize our stock images and video to fit your Facebook video ad

By signing up for Boosted, you will gain access to a huge library of Getty Images from within our Facebook ad maker app. Also, you can add your own assets, in the form of photos and videos to give your Facebook promo video a more personal touch. Whether you use Getty or your own media, your finished product will delight Facebook audiences of all demographics.


Customize text, colors, and music to match your Facebook page brand

Personalize your chosen ad template for your brand with filters, colors, fonts, and music – you can also add video clips from our exclusive image library or use your own! Use our video maker and easily upload your video directly to your Facebook business page or Facebook groups feed, straight from your phone – it’s that easy!

Why should you use a video maker app for your Facebook business?

Video gets more engagement on Facebook than any other content asset. Additionally, a well made, professional video ad can exponentially grow your Facebook page.

Use a social media video ad maker to connect with your audience on your Facebook business page and boost likes, shares and sales. Get your brand noticed. And make your short- and long-term marketing goals a success. We’ve got a template for every business, event and season – so, get creating!

Tutorial videos: Put your skills on display with easy-to-follow tutorials that teach your customers something new.

Newsfeed ads: Show off your products, collect tons of likes and drive traffic to your website.

Promotions: Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s? Make the most of special holidays, giveaways or one-off events to get customers excited about your brand.

7 Tips to take your Facebook video ad marketing to the next level:

Not a Facebook advertising expert? No problem! We’ve put together some of our top tips to help you make your Facebook video ads as captivating and engaging as possible.

1. Hook them in: Get your audience’s attention right away using a mixture of eye-catching visuals and powerful text, leading with the most important information.

2. Short and sweet: You’ve got their attention – now hold onto it! Successful Facebook videos are a maximum of 30 seconds long and get to the point quickly.

3. Make Facebook video ads that work without sound: Did you know around 85% of videos are viewed without sound? Make sure your content can be easily understood with the sound off by using easy-to-read captions, bold colors and enticing images.

4. Make it mobile-friendly: Because more and more people watch videos on their phones, it’s essential your Facebook videos work for mobile viewing and that any text can be read easily.

5. Optimize for Facebook ads: Before uploading an ad, be sure to check your video is the right size and orientation for the type of ad you’re using. Check out how to create your first Facebook ad to boost your business for a step-by-step guide.

6. It’s all in the timing: Boost your video’s chances of success by working out the best time to post it. Is it a weekday or the weekend? When are people likely to be looking for engaging content? Take a look at when it’s the best time to post Facebook videos for more inspiration!

7. Upload directly to Facebook: You’ve made a stunning Facebook video – now your audiences need to see it! Upload it directly to Facebook rather linking it to another platform for the greatest chances of success, as the Facebook algorithm favors videos that do this.

3 Facebook Video Maker Tips

15 to 90 Seconds

After a minute and a half, engagement drops dramatically. Get the best return on your investment by keeping your Facebook video ad under 90 seconds. If your video is an ad, shorter is better. You can convey plenty of information in 15 with some careful planning and your audience is more likely to watch it.

Choose a Good Thumbnail

Your thumbnail can decrease your cost per acquisition (CPA) by more than half, so choose a good one. A good thumbnail will grab attention, but not in a tacky way, and make the viewer curious about what they’ll see or learn in the video.

Stay Vertical

Vertical video outperforms square video on Facebook, the agreed reason being that vertical video is more mobile-friendly. Consumers can watch vertical video in a larger view without turning their phones or switching to full-screen.

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3 Facebook Video Maker Ad Ideas


Be Funny

The most popular genre of online video right now is comedy. That means a funny video could successfully reach a larger audience than less popular types. Get creative with bloopers, behind-the-scenes, skits, and other interactions to make your audience laugh.


Host a Q&A

When we as people hear a question, we want to know the answer. That’s why question and answer sessions have a way of sparking curiosity, even among those who weren’t asking the questions to begin with. Host a Q&A with valuable product, service, or brand information to engage more viewers on Facebook.


Interview an Authority

If you’ve targeted your audience well, they’ll likely be interested in the topics you put out in your content. Interviewing an industry authority will help grab their attention by leveraging their desire to be informed about the topics they care about. You could also interview an authority within your organization to highlight the expertise of your brand.