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Grow your fan base and attract new attendees with our festival video maker

Always wanted to showcase your extended event through enticing video ads, but not sure how? Looking for an easy to use video maker?

Boosted has the solution with our free festival video maker. Modern, easy-to-edit, and optimized for social media, each template is designed to drive views, engagement, and ticket sales.

Create a video performance your audience won’t forget in just 3 steps:


(Guitar) Pick a video template

We have a variety of prominent yet professional templates that can set the tone and be personalized according to your brand’s personality.


Get VIP access to stock images and videos

Upload and integrate your own footage to bring your unique festival experience to life. Alternatively, make use of our Getty Images stock library of superior content to elevate the look and feel of your video.


Add special effects using text, colors and music

Allow your video to reach the maximum amount of eyeballs possible by utilizing our innovative features, such as filters, color palettes, and music. Once you’ve adapted it in line with your branding, upload your video directly to social media in just a few clicks. It’s as easy as cheering for your favorite act!

Find stage presence with powerful festival videos that sell

Publishing social media videos is a popular way to market a festival in the digital age. Although, how do you produce a video that not only provides a sensory experience for the viewer but dramatically increases the size of the crowd?

That’s where our festival video maker comes in. It allows you to build luxury content that attracts and engages your ideal audience, thus translating views into likes, comments, shares, and customers.

There are three common choices of festival video ads.

Short-form: This type of video may be up to a minute long and include the key nuggets of information.

Long-form: This style of video may be anything from a minute to a few minutes long and may tell more of a story.

Animation: This tends to be a quick animated graphic just a couple of seconds long to add some flow to a typical still image.

Four Ways to Take Your Video From Supporting Act to Main Headliner

  1. Make it eye-catching. Your video is essentially a virtual preview of what the viewer can expect at the event. Use premium images, videos, fonts, filters and colors so that it stands out on someone’s news feed.
  2. Include original footage. If the festival question has been running for more than a year, show footage from previous events to entice and excite viewers.
  3. Use high-quality sound. Emotionally connect with your viewer through their senses. Use sound and music clips to enhance the experience.
  4. Consider subtitles. Use text to add important details to your video, such as the event’s venue, date, time, and where to buy tickets.

3 Festival Video Maker Tips

Use Decent Equipment for Shooting

If you want to add original content to your videos, make sure you record it with a professional camera and microphone for the best possible quality.

Make It Stimulating

A festival is a recreational event where people go to enjoy themselves. Capture the essence of fun  in your video with upbeat music, bright colors, and happy-looking attendees for a virtual round of applause.

Don’t Just Stick to One

Create a series of festival ads of different styles and be consistent with your publication schedule. This will effectively intrigue your following and make them look forward to the next video.

Ready-to-Go Festival Video Templates

Multiple Sound Clips and Music Available

Access to High-End Stock Imagery By Getty Images

Straightforward Customization Options

Exclusive Designs for Social Media Festival Videos

Content That Stands Out As If You’re Speaking Through a Microphone

3 Festival Video Ad Ideas



This type of ad creates interest for an upcoming festival by showing the viewer short clips of what they can expect. You can even include user-generated content from prior festivals to build trust.


Special Offers

A special offer video usually advertises a discount or sale you might be offering to boost ticket sales, such as 20% off for a limited time only or buy one get one 50% off.


Customer Reviews

Use this kind of video to feature past festival-goers talking about their positive experiences. This will serve as an online testimonial and convince any “maybes” to convert faster than it takes to get on someone’s shoulders for a better view.