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Take your content to the next level with compelling gaming videos

Want to make a living from your passion of gaming? Boosted can help you go from a half-hearted hobbyist to a serious business owner with our free video maker for gaming.

Having already been downloaded by over two million users, our video maker is an effective way to engage existing social media followers as well as gain new ones.

Use these three cheat codes to get ahead of the game and attract your ideal audience with Boosted:


Choose a video template

Our video templates have been exclusively designed so that you can create distinctive content for your business, whether it’s a new game teaser, a lengthier tutorial, or an ad for your channel. You can also customize your videos to reflect your branding in terms of colors, fonts, and filters.


Access stock images and videos

We understand that you’re mostly going to want to upload and integrate your own footage to amp up your authenticity as a top scorer. However, you can also utilize Boosted’s video and image stock library for a more professional finish.


Adapt text, colors and music

Make your gaming videos stand out from the crowd by adding text, colors and music that will resonate with your audience. Then simply upload them directly to your social media account or phone library. It’s as easy as switching on your console!

Grow your army of players with videos that help you to win

YouTube Gaming had a blockbuster year in 2020 with more than 100 billion hours of video being watched by its users. Although, how do you create gaming content that not only rivals the top players, but translates to engagement, subscribers, and sponsorship opportunities?

That’s where our video maker for gaming comes in. It allows you to produce unique videos that provide extreme value for your audience, thus building brand awareness and trust. This is important for gamers who need to rely on the power of content marketing to ultimately grow their business.

There are a few different types of gaming videos that get the most views:

Gameplays: This type of video essentially serves as a walkthrough of a portion of a chosen game as a way to demonstrate best practises.

Montages: These videos usually show moments of glory in a game that have been edited together as a highlights reel.

Reviews: This type of video will talk through a new release in the gaming world and include clips to illustrate the audio.

Tutorials: This “how-to” style of video can demonstrate your gaming expertise by showing viewers how to reach a particular stage of a game, grab the trophy, or complete the heist.

Live streams: Often focused on multiple players, this involves streaming a game live while engaging with the fan chatbox.

Four Ways to Take Your Gaming Videos From One-Player to Multiplayer

  1. Make them eye-catching. In these tech-savvy times, gaming content just keeps getting better. Add text, colors and filters to deliver the high-quality videos that your audience expects.
  2. Bring them to life with subtitles. Gaming videos are very visual but you can elevate the viewing experience by including subtitles with key details, anecdotes, or annotation.
  3. Add relevant background music. Music is a great way to convey a mood relating to a specific game or fill in silences during live streams or gameplays when there’s a lack of action.
  4. Use the best equipment. Shoot original material using a decent camera and microphone so that you can deliver the most stimulating experience possible for your fellow gamers.

3 Gaming Video Maker Tips

Mix Up Your Content

Gamers like variety. They’re thrilled by the prospect of a new challenge, new level, or new game. Produce different kinds of gaming videos so that you always intrigue and satisfy your audience.

Make It Fun

People use video games as an escape from the mundanities of everyday life. They’re a form of entertainment. In other words, make your videos fun to watch and you’ll soon find you have a gaming tribe that won’t leave your side.

Be Consistent

It’s important for any kind of content marketer to be consistent to maximize the benefits of their efforts. Move yourself to the top of the scoreboard in your audience’s mind by being reliable and publishing videos when you say you’re going to.

User-Friendly Gaming Video Templates

A Dynamic Range of Sound Clips and Music Available

Instant Access to Stock Imagery By Getty Images

Straightforward Customization Options

Premium Design for Social Media Gaming Videos

Content That Can Overtake Your Competition

3 Gaming Video Ad Types



This type of ad is ideal for creating interest for an upcoming piece of pillar content, such as a new game review or live-streaming event. It’s essentially a short preview to build maximum excitement.


Special Offers

The purpose of a special offer video is to communicate a discount or sale you might be holding on your channel to gain more followers, such as 30% off your monthly subscription service featuring exclusive cheats.



Get ahead of the opposition by featuring a titbit of the latest industry news in a short video to promote your channel. The idea is to make potential subscribers see you as a “go-to” in the gaming industry to sustain your success.