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Grow your IG audience & acquire new customers with sleek Instagram Ads

Always wanted to create stunning Instagram video ads for your business, but not sure how? Boosted makes it super easy with our free Instagram ad maker. Download it now and find out 2 million users are promoting their businesses with it. Optimized for social media, our Instagram ad maker for business will bring your IG videos & stories to life and help drive Instagram engagement through likes, shares, story comments, and customers.

Create awesome Instagram ads for video & story content in 3 simple steps:


Choose an Instagram video ad template

We have a vast collection of Instagram-ready ad templates that you won’t find anywhere else. Optimized for Instagram ads, these can be customized to your brand colors and layout. Whether you’re making eye-catching adverts, behind-the-scenes stories, or other moving content, our Instagram ad maker templates are modern, creative and stand-out.


Access stock images and video footage

As a Boosted subscriber, you’ll gain access to a vast library of first-class photography and videos from Getty Images – perfect for IG. You can also upload your own assets and integrate them, to create original content that ranks.


Customize text, colours, music for IG ads

8.5 million videos and photos are uploaded to Instagram every day. Creating bespoke content is the best way to cut through. Boosted allows you to personalize palettes, play around with filters, and experiment with fonts, music and overlays. You can also upload your video ads directly to your Instagram account, straight from your phone. It’s that simple!

Boost your Instagram ads with our video maker & see results

Instagram videos provide rich content for viewers to enjoy. It can also boost your ranking and visibility, by encouraging ‘dwell time’ on your page. In these tech-savvy times, IG users expect high-quality content.

That’s where our Instagram video maker comes in. By creating premium Instagram video ads, you’re opening up connections with your online audience, resulting in more likes and shares. Users tell us that these often lead to an uplift in sales, or in brand awareness and loyalty. With such a competitive market, Boosted’s Instagram ad maker can improve your Instagram ad-game:

Tutorial videos: Everyone loves a ‘How-to’ video, so put your expertise to good use and share something valuable with your IG followers.

Instagram stories: Growing in popularity, share short sharp bursts of ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage on Instagram Stories, for maximum engagement.

Promotions: From Black Friday to Christmas and seasonal sales, make the most of promotional content and share it with your IG followers.

Seven Ways to Level-up Instagram Video ads

1. Make it pop! Use our modern original templates to create eye-popping visuals. Overlay with text, filters and music, for all those next-level feels!

2. Keep it snappy. You’ve got their attention – now keep it. Videos should be no longer than a minute long on Instagram to keep waning attention spans.

3. Consider subtitles. Many Instagram users watch videos without sound. Keep their attention longer with subtitles or text, making your videos easy-to-read and digest.

4. Bring it to life with titles. Get creative with titles, text and colors. Using animated text or graphics, to convey your brand values and key messages.

5. Optimize for Instagram ads. There’s many valid reasons why small businesses should use videos – adverts are one of these. As the second largest social media platform, you should be customising social content for Instagram. This starts with Instagram video adverts being 1080 x 1080 pixels in size.

6. Time it well. Boost your video’s chances of success by posting at the right time. It takes a bit of research and probing to find out when your audience is online, but this will prove invaluable insight. Take a look at the best time to post videos on Instagram for further inspiration.

7. Use the right IG hashtag. And finally, increase the chances of your IG ad getting seen by the right audience, by using appropriate Instagram hashtags for your small business.

3 Instagram Video Maker Tips

Solve a Problem

Boosted’s video maker was built for social media platforms such as Instagram. Consumers are on Instagram for value, so make sure you include some in your ad. Your product or service likely solves a problem for your target audience. Convey what that problem is and what you can do to alleviate it.

Don’t Look Like an Ad

In the same vein, your ad should provide some type of value as well. Not just the value of your product or service, but the value of the Instagram video ad itself. Make it entertaining or informative, something that will make the viewer glad that they saw it.

Be a Square

Depending on where you’re posting, you’ll need to consider the dimension of your video. In Stories, vertical video is optimal because that’s how it’s displayed. In the feed, however, vertical and horizontal videos are small and can be hard to see. Square video performs best in the feed because it fills the space and grabs the viewers’ attention.

Ready-To-Go Instagram Ad Templates

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Easy Instagram Page Customization

High-quality Design for Instagram Video & Stories Ads

Trendy + Effective Content for Instagram

3 Instagram Video Maker Ad Ideas


Time-Lapse and Stop-Motion

Time-lapse and stop-motion work by grabbing the viewer’s attention off the bat and keep them engaged by appealing to their need for fast-paced content. These visual effects give the impression that a fair amount of information or entertainment will be delivered in a short amount of time.



Teaser content is an effective way to build interest in an upcoming launch or promotion. Keep teaser videos short and direct without giving away too much information. The return on this type of video can be significantly higher than others due to the relatively small investment of resources required.


User-Generated Content

Instagram is all about user-generated content. Millennials have a higher aversion to marketing than any other previous generation because of higher awareness, but user-generated content helps cut through that disinterest by connecting with your audience as equals. UGC increased trust and credibility for your brand as well.