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Build Authority and Progress Your Business Through Bold iPhone Video Ads

Want to create and implement a clear content marketing plan for your brand?

Boosted has got you covered with our free video maker for iOS that enables you to wield the power of iPhone video marketing through a series of promotional posts and ads. Each template is exclusively designed, fully customizable, and optimized for all your favorite social media platforms.

Level up your iPhone video marketing strategy and produce professional videos on your iOS device in just 3 steps:


Choose a high-quality template

We have a range of attention-grabbing templates that are arranged by niche. If you’re especially creative, you can even design your own from start to finish.


Use stock imagery that enhances the aesthetic

Our subscribers automatically gain access to a Getty Images library of premium photographs and video footage. For the personal touch, you can upload your own materials from your camera roll.


Align the text, colors, and music with your branding

It takes just a few minutes (and clicks) to change certain elements of your video so that it falls in line with your visual brand identity. Publish it directly to social media or save it to your iMac, iPad tablet, or iPhone for later.

Increase brand awareness and attain results with influential iOS video ads

Marketing videos are vital to the growth of any-sized business in the digital age. However, how are small businesses supposed to compete with the bigger players in an oversaturated market?

Step forward, Boosted. No matter what your marketing goals are, our video maker can be used through Safari or downloaded to your Apple device to create an exciting experience for your target audience. This can ultimately warm up prospects and push them further down your sales funnel.

Three Ways to Draw the Eye with Our Video Maker for iOS

  1. Be cohesive with your visuals. Make sure that your Apple video aesthetic matches your brand aesthetic. Well-lit, sharp imagery will position your brand as an expert as opposed to dark, pixelated shots.
  2. Use music for ambience. Music or sound clips can work with the visuals of your video to help you convey marketing messages to your viewers through their airpods. If you’re struggling to set the right mood using Boosted’s suggestions, you can upload songs from your own iTunes library.
  3. Don’t forget to add text. Subtitles will make your content more inclusive. Text is also a handy tool for including or emphasizing key details.

3 Video Maker Tips

Make It Fun

Avoid boring your audience at all costs, otherwise, they won’t stick around until the end of the video. Energy, excitement and movement enhances the viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression.

Show Your Face

Build an emotional connection with your consumer by showing them who they will be buying from. This isn’t necessary all the time, but keep in mind that playing on emotion can often turn into action.

Discover What’s Trending

Is there a particular style of video or sound trending on Reels or TikTok? Follow suit to boost the potential of your iOS ads going viral and receiving exponential engagement.

Ready-To-Go Video Templates

Use Multiple Video Clips, Music, & More

Getty Images Stock Library for Video Making

Easy Video Maker Customization

High-quality Design

Trendy and Effective Video Content

3 iPhone Video Types That Aren’t Just Promotional



Be vulnerable with your viewers. Tell the story of your brand. Lead by example so that you can cultivate a loyal community of followers.



Deliver value in your videos by teaching your audience something they didn’t know or offering a solution to one of their problems. This will build trust and spark traction.



Invite consumers into your inner circle and generate interest by showing them what happens behind the scenes of your business. Include humor wherever possible so that people will want to binge-watch your content now and in the future.