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Introduce your brand online with a bold logo video

Want to make the first impression with your target audience a good one, but not sure how? Looking for the perfect video maker?

Boosted has the answer with our free logo video maker for businesses. Use our contemporary pre-made templates to create a logo reveal or intro animation that effectively stands out from the competition in just a few clicks.

Build a strong brand identity with our logo video maker in 3 easy steps:


Choose a video template

We have a variety of video templates that you can choose from according to your brand’s personality and style. If something looks out of place, you can customize the fonts, colors and filters in line with your visual brand identity.


Instant access to stock images and video footage

Add your logo to your template of choice, along with any other brand imagery, to take it to the next level. You can also utilize Boosted’s diverse stock library of high-quality images and videos  in collaboration with Getty Images.


Edit the text, colors and music

Customize the text, colors and music in your logo video according to your key messages. Optimized for social media, you can then upload it straight to your Facebook or Instagram for convenience or save it to your library for later.

Breathe life into your logo with our video maker for businesses

A logo is an important part of the makeup of any business. It communicates your brand name as well as your personality and should be an exclusive asset.

Anybody can create a mediocre logo image. However, not everybody can create a moving logo that’s just as unique as it is innovative.

That’s where our logo video maker comes in. It allows you to attract the attention of your audience right from the start and maintain it, resulting in more likes, comments, and shares. You could even integrate it into future videos as an intro or outro to leave your brand’s distinctive digital footprint.

There are three choices of logo video you could produce.

Short-form: This is usually 30 seconds to a minute long and focuses on stunning visuals, such as a new logo reveal.

Long-form: This video might be up to a few minutes long and talk through the process of building your logo or the rationale behind each element.

Animation: This is a graphic that has a quick animation effect as a way to elevate a still image logo.

Three Ways to Make Your Logo Video Memorable

  1. Use premium visuals. Your logo video needs to be eye-catching to stop social media scrollers in their tracks. Use the best quality imagery possible so that it pops and encourages clicks.
  2. Add relevant text. If you want the audio of your video to feature talking and not just music, use subtitles for the people who are watching it with their sound turned off. Alternatively, add text to communicate significant details in relation to your logo and brand.
  3. Include background music. Have music playing in your video’s background that creates the same mood as your brand to elevate the viewing experience. For instance, a logo video for a spirited kidswear business might include fun, upbeat music.

Creating video ads and marketing videos with our app on mobile or online will help elevate your social presence, and lead to more views, clicks, engagement, and ultimately new customers. Until recently, social media video ad creation was limited to expensive tools and experts, but Boosted helps you create professional video ads and marketing videos  in just a few clicks!

3 Logo Video Maker Tips

Get Clear on Your Goal

What are you trying to achieve with this logo video? Is the purpose to showcase a rebrand? Tease a brand new business? Or create behind-the-scenes content for your audience? Either way, getting clear on your messaging beforehand will help you to build a video that aligns with your goals.

Optimize for Your Chosen Platform

Think about your preferred publishing platform and its recommended video dimensions so that you can amend your video’s dimensions accordingly. For example, Facebook prioritizes the 16:9 landscape mode.

Add a Call-To-Action

At the end of your logo video, tell your audience what you want them to do next. Should they comment their thoughts on a new logo? Or visit your website to see the logo in all its glory? Use simple and direct language to inspire them to act.

Intuitive Logo Video Templates

Multiple Music Clips Available to Convey a Mood

Access to Getty Images Stock Images and Videos

Quick Personalization Options

Original Designs for Social Media Logo Videos

Modern Content That Keeps Your Brand Fresh

3 Logo Video Ideas



This type of video hooks in your audience with the intro and builds suspense throughout your video by only including snapshots of your logo. Then it slowly reveals more details as the video goes on to sustain engagement.



Some of the most successful logo videos feature the image in three-dimensional form. They use unconventional camera angles to capture the logo so that it comes alive on screen.


Audience Participation

If you want to renew your logo but don’t know how, let your audience guide you. Create a series of videos based on each element, such as color, font, and/or icons, and give your viewers the option to make the final decisions. Involving them like this will build trust and lead to a larger following.