Video Maker for Love and Romance

A user-friendly video maker for love and romance available via the app store

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Marvel in the memories of your love story with a video full of romance

Want to show your sweetheart how much you care, but in a completely unique way?

Boosted has the answer with our video maker for romantics. Easy to use, edit, and optimize for social media, each of our pre-made templates is designed to give your partner a virtual kiss and make their day that little bit brighter.

Wear your heart on your virtual sleeve with this video maker for love in 3 steps:


Choose a charming video template

Our everlasting range of video templates can be customized to reflect the personality of any couple or the tone of any event.


Cherish the stock library

Being a part of the Boosted family means that you can utilize our Getty Images stock library full of high-quality photos and videos, or upload your own to make your content more meaningful.


Passionately pick text, colors and music

Adapt the text, colors, music, effects and filters of your video to align with your desired look and feel. Then all you need to do is upload it directly to social media or your phone library—it’s as easy as hugging a loved one!

Keep the romance alive with our video maker for love

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the words to tell your other half just how much they mean to you. Couples can often get stuck in the same routine and forget to express their feelings.

That’s where our video maker comes in. By creating a love and romance video, you get to show you’re thinking of that special someone, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or just an average day in your relationship. Not only will you gain by gifting love, but so will your partner and all the favorite people in your lives!

There are three kinds of videos you can craft.

Short-form: This usually consists of several images and videos full of memories that have been edited together to last up to a minute.

Long-form: This type of video tends to be lengthier and might use imagery to narrate your love story or deliver an extended public display of affection.

Animation: This moving graphic is a different yet understated way of demonstrating true love.

Four Ways to Strengthen Your Love Journey with a Romance Video:

  1. Use original material. Make your video more intimate by using private content that you’ve shot, whether it’s from your phone or personal camera.
  2. Integrate stock imagery. Using a mixture of your own content and stock photos can take your video from “like” to “love” in a heartbeat. 
  3. Add text to tell your story. Use subtitles to include quotes, anecdotes or annotation so that their joy from watching the video (and their love for you) lasts forever.
  4. Elevate your video with music. Whether it’s silly and lighthearted or serious and elegant, music can help you to convey the right mood and make more of an emotional impact.

3 Love Video Maker Tips

Plan It Out

Decide what style of video you want to produce and the shots you need to achieve the full effect. Go through your image archives to see if you can utilize existing content or whether you need to shoot some original footage. Storyboard each frame using the Boosted templates for assistance.

Shoot in the Right Format

If you know that you ultimately want to publish your video on Instagram Stories, shoot in the 9:16 portrait mode to save time editing and optimizing later. Click into each Boosted template to view the three formatting options so we can hold your hand every step of the way.

Ditch Low-Quality Content

Low-quality content can lead to a low-quality video. Use a decent camera for shooting original footage so that you can make your virtual gift the best it can be.

Straightforward-To-Use Love Video Templates

Access to a Variety of Music Clips for Romance Videos

Professional-Level Stock Imagery From a Getty Images Library

Superior Love Video Customization

Beautiful Designs for Love Videos

Compelling Content To Confess Your Undying Love

3 Popular Romantic Video Types


The Slideshow

This type of love video tends to consist of a series of image “slides” of you and your other half to make them smile. There might be an animation effect on each image for the wow factor.


The Compilation

The compilation is like a collage of videos and images in moving-picture form. It’s a cute way of communicating that you’d choose your partner every day.


The Story

Because this kind of video talks through your relationship story from start to finish, it’s seen as a grand gesture for a special occasion. In simple terms, the fondness that you have for the other person is apparent for all to see.