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Showcase the quality of your healthcare with slick videos for your medical practice

Want to breathe life into the marketing of your medical practice, but not sure how?

Boosted has the solution with our free video maker.

Featuring easy-to-edit pre-made templates, each of our creations can be optimized for social media to make your business a success online.

Prescribe a medical practice video that helps people in just 3 steps:


Examine our template selection

Boosted subscribers have exclusive access to our video templates that you won’t find anywhere else. Each template is designed to compel the viewer and can be customized according to your brand colors and fonts.


Diagnose stock images and video footage

Choose to enhance the look and feel of your video by utilizing our Getty Images stock library overflowing with high-quality photography and video footage. On the other hand, you can upload and implement your own material to create a personal connection with your audience.


Complete the treatment with text, effects and music

Add text, effects and music to elevate your video and stay ahead of the competition. Then upload it directly to social media or save it to your phone library for later. We’re all about delivering superior service too!

Gain new patients with memorable medical practice videos

People expect the best treatment when it comes to medical care. After all, optimal health is of the utmost importance. But how do you communicate the values and services of your practice to attract your ideal audience in a competitive online world?

That’s where our video maker for medical practices comes in. By producing and distributing innovative social media videos, you can build rapport with both existing patients and potential patients. This establishment of trust can then lead to more engagement, follows, and sign-ups.

There are three popular choices of medical practice video.

Short-form: These videos are typically 30 seconds to a minute long and demonstrate your expertise in the medical industry through a tip or nugget of information.

Long-form: This type of video might be between a minute and a few minutes long and offer more value, such as behind-the-scenes content or a “how-to” tutorial.

Ads: These videos focus primarily on your medical practice with the sole purpose of selling your offering.

Three Ways to Take Your Medical Practice Videos From Modest Startup to Luxury Clinic

  1. Use premium visuals. There is a certain standard required for a medical practice. Meet and exceed this standard by creating eye-catching social media videos that immediately stop people scrolling.
  2. Consider subtitles. Text is a handy addition to relay the finer points of your script, key details, or provide written commentary for those who may be watching the video with their sound turned off.
  3. Add relevant background music. Think about taking advantage of our music library to convey a particular mood throughout your video, whether it’s a classical clip for a sophisticated audience or something upbeat for a more youthful audience.

3 Medical Practice Video Shooting Tips

Include Real People

Shooting original material allows potential patients to get to know your practice and feel more comfortable getting in touch. Stay authentic and relatable by including real people in your videos, whether it’s current patients or your qualified practitioners.

Opt for Good Lighting

Good lighting can help to take the aesthetic of your video to the next level. Always opt to shoot in daylight or in front of a window if you’re indoors to capture the best possible footage.

Keep in Mind Your Publishing Platform

Shoot in the right mode so that you don’t have to spend time optimizing your video for a specific social media channel during the editing process. For example, if you know you’ll be publishing your video on Instagram Stories which favors content in portrait mode, shoot in the portrait mode.

Simple-To-Use Medical Practice Video Templates

A Variety of Sound and Music Clips Available

Quick Access to Getty Images Stock Library

A Range of Handy Customization Options

Modern Design for Social Media Medical Practice Videos

Creative Content That Helps You to Avoid a Marketing Emergency

3 Medical Practice Video Ad Ideas



This kind of medical practice video is ideal for building interest for the launch of a new brand, service, or event. It’s usually short and serves as a preview for what’s to come.


Special Offer

The purpose of a special offer video is to advertise your latest deal or discount, such as 10% off a certain service. You can pay to promote these videos via Facebook or Instagram Ads to maximize their reach and grow your following.


Patient Testimonials

Posting videos that feature an existing patient (or patients) talking about their positive experiences with your practice is effective in getting new patients to sign-up. It essentially works in the same way as an online review, thus building trust and engagement.