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A simple-to-use video maker with music and pictures available to download for mobile

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Create content that stands out from the crowd with our music and pictures videos

Always wanted to make moving slideshows that result in endless likes, comments, and shares?

Boosted has got you covered with our free video maker – but not just any standard app – this is a video maker designed for music and pictures.

Featuring a range of mesmerizing multimedia and optimized for social platforms, our pre-made templates can easily be adapted for any purpose.

Make unforgettable music and picture videos in just 3 steps:


Choose a video template

We have a range of exciting and enticing video templates on offer for our subscribers. Each of them can be customized according to your personal preferences when it comes to colors, fonts, and filters. 


Access our imagery stock library

Take advantage of Boosted’s stock library of high-end photography and videos in partnership with Getty Images. On the other hand, you can upload and implement original material to produce something entirely unique.


Change the text, music and effects

Add text, music and effects to take your video from amateurish to amazing. You can then upload it directly to social media or save it to your phone library to access at a later time.

Gain engagement and achieve your goals with music and pictures videos

Social media videos are effective for many reasons. Whether you’re an individual producing an invitation video for a loved one’s birthday or a business building a product showcase video, you get instant access to a ready-made audience of almost four billion people. Although, how are you meant to create content that is superior to the competition?

That’s where our video maker comes in. It allows you to come up with creative videos that include music and pictures so that they stand out on someone’s news feed. This then leads to increased attention, views, and engagement.

There are two popular kinds of music and picture videos.

Short-form: This style of video is short and straight-to-the-point with a length of 30 seconds to a minute long, such as a quick tip or “happy birthday” slideshow.

Long-form: This type of video might be up to a few minutes long and go more in-depth on a specific subject, such as a “how-to” tutorial or wedding highlights video.

Three Ways to Wow Your Viewers with Music and Pictures Videos

  1. Use premium visuals. Seen as though this is a video that will focus on music and pictures, both your music and picture elements need to be outstanding. If your original content isn’t up to scratch, our stock library is on hand to make a great first impression with your viewer.
  2. Create the right mood with music. Music can hold a lot of power and is often the difference between a magical and mediocre video. Choose a song or sound clip wisely to convey a relevant mood, whether it’s thoughtful and elegant or fun and upbeat.
  3. Consider other elements. Nobody’s saying that you have to produce a video with music and pictures and not much else. Add another level to your video by integrating text, effects, filters, colors and fonts that compliment all of the other elements and create a stimulating viewing experience.

3 Music and Pictures Video Maker Tips

Shoot with the Best Equipment

If you want to produce a video with original footage, make sure you shoot it using a decent camera. Fuzzy or pixelated imagery can ultimately result in a poor-quality video.

Keep in Mind That Less is Often More

With the slideshow style of video, it’s tempting to feature as many photos as possible. However, remember that less can be more. It creates a clearer and more concise message using only the best images.

Optimize for Your Publishing Platform

Amend the dimensions of your video to optimize it for the platform where you will publish it. For example, amend the dimensions to 9:16 (portrait) for the optimal viewing experience on Instagram Stories.

User-Friendly Music and Pictures Video Templates

Lots of Modern Music Clips Available or Upload Your Own

Access to Professional-Looking Getty Images Stock Images and Videos

Endless Customization Options

Contemporary Designs for Social Media Brand Message Videos

Exclusive Content That’s Dynamic and Distinctive

3 Music and Pictures Video Ad Ideas


The Product Launch

A music and pictures video is a handy way for a brand to showcase a new product or service. Feature high-quality product imagery in quick succession to tease the viewer and make them want to find out more.



This kind of video contains imagery that has been captured from customers of a brand to demonstrate the authenticity of their offering. It can be used to build trust and invite other viewers to try out the brand for themselves.


Customer Testimonials

This type of video may illustrate several screenshots of online reviews from social media, your website, and/or a trusted review website like TrustPilot. Like with a user-generated video, it aims to create trust and positive Word-of-Mouth regarding a particular product or service, thus convincing potential customers to convert.