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Showcase your musical skills with enticing musician videos

Want to make a living from your passion for music? Market your talent with our free video maker for musicians.

Simple-to-use, intuitive, and optimized for social media, each template is designed to help you attract and engage your ideal audience.

Find the right pitch with your music video in 3 steps:


Compose a video template

With Boosted, you have a harmonious range of professional-looking templates at your fingertips. Whether you want to create a new song teaser, a “how-to-play” tutorial, or an ad for your channel, you can customize each video to reflect your branding and the tone of your music.


Accompany with stock images and videos

Upload and integrate your own footage to amp up your authenticity as a music industry expert. Alternatively, you can check out our Getty Images stock library for high-quality video content to add to your repertoire.


Find your rhythm with text, effects and music

93% of the most-watched videos on YouTube are music videos. Make sure your masterpiece gets discovered by the right people by adding text, effects and symphonies that your audience will find awe-inspiring. Then simply upload them to your social media account or save them to your phone library for later.

Grow your fan base with a video arrangement that allows you to make sweet music

Social media videos can take you from small gigs to arena tours in just one musical note. Although, how do you create a musician video that not only meets the industry standards but competes with the top players?

That’s where our video maker for musicians comes in. It allows you to produce premium content that builds brand awareness and trust, thus translating to engagement, subscribers, and sponsorship opportunities.

There are a few different types of musician videos that get the most traction.

Music: This type of video falls into three categories. Performance-based videos show the band or artist performing the song. Narrative-based videos piece together footage to communicate a storyline (or several storylines). Conceptual videos are based around a single idea and are mostly compiled using editing or special effects.

Lyrics: This is a music video that shows the lyrics of the song on screen.

Tutorial: This “how-to” style of video can demonstrate your musical knowledge by teaching your fans something valuable.

Live stream: This kind of video involves streaming a concert or show live to your viewers so they can watch it from the comfort of their own home.

Ad: This is a short video that’s used to advertise your musical services to your adoring fans.

Three Ways to Mesmerize with Your Melodies Using Video

  1. Make them eye-catching. Even though the focus will be on the sound, your videos need to stand out on someone’s news feed to get them to watch in the first place. Use superior imagery, fonts, colors and filters that will attract attention.
  2. Consider subtitles. If you’re showcasing a new song, include the lyrics on the screen so that your audience can sing along. Add key details, such as your channel name or website, as subtle calls to action.
  3. Only use the best equipment. Record original material using a good camera and microphone so that you can deliver the most stimulating experience possible for your fans.

3 Musician Video Maker Tips

Mix Up Your Content

Don’t sing from the same music sheet all the time. Produce and publish a variety of videos so that your audience always wants to see what you do next.

Make It Personal

People want to see the person behind the voice, talent, and/or skills. Show your face on camera so that your followers can connect with you on an emotional level.

Consistency is Key

When you first start out as a musician, you have to rely on content marketing to get your name out there. Keep showing up for your audience and they will stay loyal to you even when you’re a big star.

Ready-to-Publish Musician Video Templates

A Range of Fun Sound Clips and Music Available

Access to Professional Stock Imagery By Getty Images

Straightforward Customization Options

Exclusive Designs for Social Media Musician Videos

Impressive Content That Can Hit the High Note

3 Musician Video Ad Ideas



This type of ad creates interest for an upcoming piece of news, whether it’s a song, tutorial, or live-stream. It’s a short clip that leaves your audience wanting more.


Special Offers

A special offer video typically advertises a discount or sale you might be holding on your channel to increase your followers, such as 20% off a new track.


Product or Service Showcase

Push your name to the top of the charts by using this kind of video to show off whatever you’re selling, such as a DJ outlining their event packages.