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Send out captivating broadcasts with sophisticated news videos

Want to build a loyal following for your website, newsletter, or social media channel?

Market your stories with our free news video maker.

Ready-to-go, customizable, and optimized for social media, each template will allow you to produce and publish content that makes your coverage stand out from the crowd. Our video maker is a must-have for any news video creation marketing campaign.

Showcase your top-notch reporting skills in 3 straightforward steps:


Choose a video template

Our variety of modern and creative templates allow you to build a video that aligns with your branding in terms of fonts, colors, and filters.


Access stock images and videos

Upload and integrate your own material to personalize your news videos. Alternatively, make use of our Getty Images stock library of high-quality images and videos for a more polished look and feel.


Add text, effects and music

Pull together a production with pizzazz by adding text, music and effects with the wow factor. Then upload your video directly to your social media account or phone library in just a couple of clicks.

Attract and grow your audience by giving them the scoop in video form

The rise of the digital age means that information has never been easier or quicker to access. Therefore, as a news-based business, how do you get your ideal audience to see you as their go-to news source? 

That’s where our news video maker comes in. By creating superior content that builds brand awareness and trust, you can ultimately gain more engagement, subscribers, and sponsorship opportunities.

There are different types of news videos you can leak to your audience.

News reports: These are designed to inform your viewers about what’s happening in the world, an industry, or your local area. They mostly cover the facts clearly and concisely.

Features: These explore news items in more depth and from unique angles. They might be more opinionated and less formal—and include a personal point of view.

Opinions: These are pieces by personality writers or celebrities. They can either inform or entertain based on the latest stories.

Ads: These are short videos that can be used to advertise your website, newsletter, or social media platform to increase your followers.

Four Ways to Take Your News Videos From Amateur to Professional

  1. Make them pop. Your news videos need to be eye-catching so that social media users stop scrolling and watch what you have to offer. Illustrate your insider knowledge through premium imagery, filters and effects that collectively impress.
  2. Use subtitles. Consider adding text for the people who watch social media videos with their sound turned off. This could just contain key details or your full script.
  3. Include a Call-to-Action. At the end of your video, tell your viewers how they can connect with your business further, whether it’s by subscribing to your YouTube channel or visiting your blog.
  4. Shoot using the best equipment. If you want to record original material for your video, use a decent camera and microphone so that you can deliver the most superior experience possible.

3 News Video Ad Types


This kind of ad builds momentum for your business by showing the viewer what they can expect if they become a follower, subscriber, and/or customer. It essentially works in the same way as a movie trailer.

Tutorials or Tips

This type of ad will offer a solution to a common problem that your target audience might have. It instantly creates trust which can lead to further interaction.

Special Offers

This video typically advertises a discount or special offer you might have across your paid products or services to boost sales, such as 20% off a paid website membership.

Easy-to-Build News Video Templates

A Range of Sound Clips and Music Available

Slick Stock Images and Videos By Getty Images

Fast Customization Options

Contemporary Designs for Social Media News Videos

Compelling Content That Can Grip Your Audience

3 News Video Maker Tips


Diversify Your Content

Don’t just stick with one type of news video. Mix up your media so that your audience is always intrigued to see what you’ll communicate next.


Make It Worthwhile

Offer value through your videos to simultaneously entice new viewers and satisfy existing viewers. Whether you make them laugh, cry or think, create an emotional dialogue to achieve long-lasting relationships.


Be Consistent

News-based businesses have to rely on content marketing to survive and thrive. Keep showing up and delighting your audience by posting frequent content consistently.