How to Make a Facebook Promo Video for Your Brand

According to Oberlo, Facebook is the leading social platform. It has 2.60 billion monthly active users and 1.73 billion daily active users, which provides tremendous opportunity for your brand to be seen.

However, it’s not enough just to be on the Facebook platform. Social media video marketing on the rise and 84% of people have been convinced to make a purchase by watching a brand’s video, according to Wyzowl.

Therefore, posting a Facebook promo video frequently is likely to increase your reach, engagement, and even sales. Here’s how to create one that makes an impact with your target audience.

Decide What Type of Facebook Video You Want to Create

First things first, decide on your video content. There are several different types you can create depending on your marketing objectives.


Facebook allows you to create video ads in their Ads Manager that can run in numerous areas of the platform, such as:

  • The news feed
  • Messenger
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • In-stream
  • Facebook Stories
  • Search results

As a general rule, these types of Facebook promo videos should be short and snappy to capture the attention of your audience when they’re scrolling. The idea is to expose your brand and offering to the maximum number of consumers possible.

Newsfeed Video

Alongside creating video ads, Facebook allows brands to upload their videos to their newsfeed, which will also show up on their profile page.

Some popular kinds of newsfeed videos uploaded by brands include:

  • Tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Product-focused
  • Customer testimonials

These types of Facebook promo videos are lengthier than ads and help to engage your existing followers as well as gain new followers.

How? Well, you can include hashtags and keywords in the description so that your video pops up when people search for a specific hashtag or keyword.

Facebook Live

Live is a unique type of Facebook video where all you need to do is set up your camera, press a button, and your video will start recording. You can also schedule a live event ahead of time.

This makes it an ideal method for teachers, coaches, or other education-based businesses to deepen the relationships they have with their audience members.

You can also find live videos around the world on Facebook by using the search function.

Gather the Footage

Before you can upload a Facebook video ad or newsfeed video, you need to create it!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How am I going to shoot the video?
  • Who or what will the video feature?
  • How will I get the key messages across?
  • How long do I want the video to be?
  • Am I going to tell a story or just have a series of snapshots?
  • Which aspect ratio will I use?

You can use a professional camera or just your phone depending on how you want your video to look and feel.

Alternatively, you can use a social media video creation app that features stock imagery for your convenience, such as Boosted by Lightricks.

Simply choose a template according to your industry and work through your video frame by frame, amending the visuals as desired.

Ensure Your Facebook Promo Video Edits Are On-Brand

Lastly, edit your visuals in the following ways to tell the story of your video.

  1. Add text to commentate the sound or highlight a key message, i.e. “Announcing our Father’s Day Sale”
  2. Amend the colors to align with your brand’s color palette
  3. Choose a font that matches your brand aesthetic
  4. Add your logo (if you wish)
  5. Add your website URL and/or Facebook handle (if you wish)
  6. Include music or sounds to set the mood
  7. Optimize it for mobile by trimming the length or adjusting the size so that it meets the platform specifications

Then your promo video is ready to export and upload to Facebook.

The Takeaway

Facebook promo videos are effective in exposing your brand to new customers while maintaining the relationship you have with your existing customers.

Gain more traction by creating ones that are fit for purpose, on-brand, and provide a clear marketing message.

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